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Below is a list of items we take with us on every camping trip. We recommend them to friends and customers, we trust them with our families, and we’re sure you will trust them too. Everything here is available at our store, or you can order online and get it delivered right to your home.

1. Chempace drop-in toilet chemicals

Toilet chemicals are the most important element to your black water (sewer) system on your camper. Make sure you have the ease of use that drop-ins provide. They are less expensive than pre-mixed liquids, and easier to store, because they don’t freeze during the winter. Stock up on these – you’re going to need them.

2. Aquasoft toilet tissue by Thetford

Only toilet paper designed for RV black water systems should be used in your trailer. Prevent clogs, and avoids the hassle of time consuming tank clean-outs when the kids are cranky from the heat and the wife is complaining about the clean-out station smells.

3. Valterra EZ-Coupler Sewer Hose set

Don’t get caught without a good quality sewer hose. The EZ Coupler set has built in fittings, and the sewer fitting, and easily converts from a 10′ to a 20′ hose, depending on what you need. Made with heavy duty 18 mil vinyl for long lasting protection from leaks and pin holes.

4. Valterra water pressure regulator

All RV manufacturers recommend using a water pressure regulator to protect your RV’s plumbing fittings. It keeps the water running between 40-55 psi. and stops water surges from campgrounds (they don’t use fancy plumbing) from damaging any of the water lines in your trailer. One leak inside your trailer and this will pay for itself.

5. Iosso water repellant

Camping is fun, but getting wet is not. This works on any fabric that is exposed to the elements. Use it on tent campers, tents, boat covers, luggage bags, trailer covers, anything you want protected.

6. Lap sealant (roof caulking) by Dicor

The most expensive repair bill you’ll ever get on your camper will be if the roof leaks and you don’t do anything about it. This is the only caulking you should be using on your rubber roof on your RV. It is designed to level itself, and fill gaps in your application, making a good seal. Trailer manufacturers recommend checking your roof every three months.

7. Black Streak Remover from Best

Remove those ugly black streaks from your camper easily, keeping your RV looking showroom clean for years to come. Especially useful when the family in the next lot pulls up in a $500,000 motorhome.

8. Replacement Anode Rod by Camco

For use primarily with Suburban water heaters, this is one of the most sought after repair parts. When you drain your water out of the water heater, make sure you inspect the anode rod, and replace it if necessary. Protect your water heater from corrosion, and avoid costly repairs down the line.

9. Mud Dauber Insect Screens by JCJ Enterprises

Insects will gravitate to any area that smells like Propane. This means that your furnace exhaust, water heater vent, and refrigerator vents are all likely places for mud dauber wasps and other insects to nest. Protect yourself from accidental fire, as well as exhaust vent problems with these easy to install screens.

10. 7-4 wire adapter by Hopkins

Once you’ve got a good hitch, everyone in your family will know it and they will want you to tow something for them. When you need to tow any smaller or older trailers, this adapter converts the round 7-way plug on most new vehicles, to a 4-wire flat plug, common among smaller campers, and utility trailers. Make sure you have one in your toolbox, so an easy job doesn’t cost you time searching place to place for the right adapter.

10 Things Every RV Camper Needs

10 Things Every RV Camper Needs