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For some unknown reason some people make the all to common mistake in thinking that an engineered roofing system that is built with roof trusses is fool proof. From the outside looking in, they can seem at times that it’s just simply a matter of tilting them up nailing them and that’s about it. Can it really be that easy?

The real truth is that an engineered roofing system can be a lot less labor intensive and cheaper to build than a conventional roof stack, just as long is mistakes are kept to a minimum. You see, these types of roof systems are designed in such a way that each piece has its own place. There is very little room for error.

The First Thing to Watch Out for

The first common mistake first time home builders tend to make is not paying close enough attention when their foundation is being set up to be poured. Their roof system is designed exactly to the plans, and any deviations in the foundation will lead to problems with fitting all elements of the roof properly.

The Second Item to Be on the Lookout for

The second most common mistake that even experienced builders often make from time to time, is loading truss packages incorrectly on top of a framed building. It’s just all too easy to drop a package at the wrong area of a home, and even easier to spin them around backwards. You must pay close attention, and have your loading plan ready when they arrive on site.

The Third Most Common Screw Up

The third most common mistake is having a poorly braced off, and or sloppy plumb & line job. The outside walls in particular are critical, so they must be lined and braced off well. Make sure to add some extra outside braces specifically for loading your roof trusses because they will be getting bumped when the crane drops the loads in. Remember that once your trusses are loaded, moving walls is very difficult

3 Common Mistakes With Roof Trusses Installation

3 Common Mistakes With Roof Trusses Installation