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It’s just a plain fact that in time all roofs need replacing. Even so, along the way roof repairs are to be expected as the roof on your home or business begins to show its age. But are there steps that you can take to help your roof live a longer, healthier life?

You bet there are, and not can they make your roof last longer, they can also prevent leaks. You see, roofs are no different from any other components on a structure, in that from time to time they can use a little good old fashioned TLC.

#1 Apply a Protective Roof Coating

The first thing you can do, is use a good quality reflective roof coating. Not only do these types of products work to actually protect the surface of your roof, but they also function to keep it cooler as well. Expansion and contraction from heat leads to cracks.

They’re formulated from several types of components, ranging from rubberized and vinyl coatings, to less expensive types that use asphalt emulsion as their base component. The type, and quality that you choose is up to you, but what really matters is that you use one.

#2 Stay Off Your Roof

Try to understand that your roof was not designed to be walked on. Of course you will have to get up on it to do periodic maintenance, but those few exceptions are really the only time you should climb up on it. If you have a roof access door, consider keeping it locked to avoid roof repair.

#3 Periodic Maintenance to Prevent Roof Repair

In the end, a little TLC on the top of a building goes a long way. This means that you shouldn’t use your roof as a storage area, and that you should do an annual check up. Things to look for are cracking around drains, and areas where water is pooling that might need another layer of protective coating.

3 Tips to Avoid Costly Roof Repair Work

3 Tips to Avoid Costly Roof Repair Work