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Poly tarps are not simply the blue plastic variety you see at your local discount store. There is a surprising amount of science and technology that go into a high quality poly tarp product like blue tarps, lumber tarps, and heavy duty tarps. A blue tarp comes in very handy whenever you need quick, short term protection from the elements. Heavy duty tarps work well on vehicles and construction sites where durability and longevity are needed. Lumber tarps can secure a load of lumber in the back of your truck.

Understanding the different varieties of poly tarp products can help you to select the best possible tarp for your needs and budget. Tarps are measured not only by length and width, but also by the weight of the fabric that is found in each square yard and the thickness of the material. A poly tarp ranges from 3 to 7 ounces of fabric per square yard. Most poly tarp products are flame resistant, water and mold resistant, sun and UV ray damage resistant, and tear resistant. High quality tarps are made with rust-resistant grommets and double stitched, heat sealed seams and hems. Below are just a few of the many applications for which poly tarps are best suited.

Roof Repair

If you have a leak or hole in your roof, you need to cover it right away. Roof repairs can take time and the weather waits for no one. Heavy duty tarps come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, depending upon your situation. A brown, green, or silver tarp is best suited for roofing repairs and protection. The colors refer not only to the appearance of the tarps; they also indicate the weight and style of the tarp.

Project Site Covers

Your best bet for ground cover, equipment cover, and lumber cover is a silver tarp. These heavy duty tarps can take a beating and still provide protection from sun, wind, and rain with 7-ounces of fabric per square yard. A silver tarp has rope reinforced hems and is tear, acid, and rot resistant. You can also use your silver tarp to make excellent trailer and RV covers, and tent walls in any weather conditions.

Patio Furniture Covers

There’s no sense in investing your hard earned money into patio and lawn furniture, only to have it disintegrate due to temperature fluctuations and sun, rain, and wind damage. Instead, protect your investment with an inexpensive and easy-to-use blue tarp.

Wood Pile Covers

After all the time it takes to chop wood, don’t let it get too wet to burn. But beware when choosing a tarp to cover and protect your wood pile; a flimsy tarp will either blow away or rip at each place it comes into contact with a sharp corner or rough branch. Choose heavy duty tarps or lumber tarps instead to keep your wood pile dry year round.

Yard Tarps Make Clean Up Easy

Instead of breaking your back to make your yard look its best, yard tarps provide excellent assistance with their sturdy construction and rope handles at each corner. Yard tarps make collecting leaves and other debris as easy as raking or blowing the materials onto your yard tarp and up-ending the tarp into a compost pile or yard waste container. And the tear resistant material withstands the test of time, season after season.

Next time you have an everyday task at hand, consider using one of the many styles of poly tarp products.

5 Everyday Uses For a Poly Tarp

5 Everyday Uses For a Poly Tarp