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Homeowners, sooner, or later, discover, a significant, monthly expense, is what they pay, for their energy needs. This includes, heating, cooling, and electrical needs, and, while there might be many ways, to reduce these, many of the fixes, are somewhat expensive! With all the other stresses, and strains, of our every – day, lives, these might be extremely challenging, to afford, so, many of us, simply, continue, without making any attempt, to try to reduce our energy costs. While, they may not address, the total, overall needs, of a homeowner, in this area, this article will attempt to briefly consider, address, and discuss, 6, relatively, inexpensive ways, to lower energy costs.

1. Windows: Many people replace their windows, with more energy – efficient types, but, this is, often a costly, messy process! If those costs, are, beyond one’s means, and/ or comfort level/ zone, they should consider, some ways, to make these somewhat more efficient. Sealing, and caulking around windows, making them more, leak – free, as do, making certain, any cracks, are repaired, etc. In addition, ensuring storm windows, work effectively, helps reduce, heat, which, literally, flies, out – the – window!

2. Doors: Much heating, and cooling, escapes, under, and around, entry doors, to houses. One inexpensive approach, is putting, a sweep, below, the bottom, of a door. In addition, examine, how the door, is hung, to ensure, it aligns, properly. There are also, seals, which can be used, around the sides of these entry – ways. Make certain, storm doors, close fully, as an additional protection, and savings!

3. Attic insulation: Is your attic, effectively, and efficiently, insulated? Might you benefit by rolling – in, some additional insulation, near the roof, of your house, where so much, energy, often escapes?

4. Light bulbs: Are you taking advantage of energy – efficient, light bulbs? Many of today’s light bulbs, will save, a homeowner, significant amounts, on their electric costs.

5. Set – back thermostat: How one sets, and uses, his thermostat, have a significant impact, on our energy costs. We do not need, to heat our homes, or cool them, to the same degree, at all hours. Based on a specific homeowner’s usage and needs, using a set – back thermostat, can create a significant savings! In addition, using a similar system, with air – conditioning, makes a real difference!

6. Do all preventive maintenance: Making minor enhancements, rather than waiting for them to become major problems, creates a savings, overall. Have your energy provider, or service company, do preventive maintenance, on items, such as your boiler, and burner. In addition, do minor jobs, yourself, such as putting insulation, behind, sockets, etc.

An ounce of prevention, and some common sense, often, makes a significant difference, in a homeowner’s overall energy costs! Will you protect your single – biggest, financial asset – your house?

6 Inexpensive Ways, To Lower Your Energy Costs

6 Inexpensive Ways, To Lower Your Energy Costs