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Who said that a Saturday chore had to be misery? We all know how easy it is to put off those things that have to be done, and how tempting it is to do the easy things rather than those requiring more energy or focus. Well, I had one of those days recently where I would rather do anything else, from a long list of country chores, than to shingle the old wood shed.

But, on this Saturday, the sun, cloud and breeze combined to create the perfect day for outside chores. Funny thing, I often find myself picking those chores that can be accomplished with relative ease rather than tackle something that demands concentration, that demands more diligence than I feel like extending. Some say that you should set priorities by dividing all items into three piles where the first ordered list is more important than those following. And, then, dedicate your time and focus on what is the most important, or what list gives you the most return on your time investment.

All well and good to make this priority list, but it is not always the importance that finds your devotion. I had the shingling of the woodshed on my high priority list for some time, but it never seemed to entice me to do it. There are some chores, however, that climb to the top of the immediacy pile because of other factors. One of these factors, in my case, was the weather.

The remnant of a tropical storm was headed our way within two days. And, I knew that if I put off shingling any longer, I would find myself trying to shingle when other employment work would claim all my time. So, I rose early, put on my work boots, and assembled my tools and supplies. What a fantastic day. The weather was ideal for outside work on our country property; no stifling humidity, no black flies, and only a few mosquitoes to buzz around.

I was delighted to find that my shingling was invigorating; the fresh air, the comforting and cooling breeze, and the sense of accomplishment as each row of shingles fell perfectly into place. And, after only a few short hours, I stood back and saw the finished project. I sat for a minute admiring my shingling job and wondered why I had put this chore off as long as I had. Interestingly, I also thought of how many things in life we all put off doing to the point where all we’ve accomplished is to create more stress by not acting, by not tackling those things that must be done.

A Saturday Chore Delight

A Saturday Chore Delight