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Patio enclosures are a great home improvement investment. They add additional square footage to your home while bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. The lively space is perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the quiet early mornings with a cup of coffee. The additional insulation may also reduce your utility bills in the warm summer and chilly winter months. Ultimately, the hardest decision you will have to make is which kind of enclosure to choose.

There are two main types of patio enclosures: three-season rooms and year round rooms. The main difference is that the three-season option is typically not used during the winter, particularly the farther north you are. You may already have a preference, but if you do not have a previous predilection, then it is worth considering the additional differences between the two options.

A three-season room will generally be less expensive. They can be even more cost efficient if you are really on a shoestring budget. Unlike the year round option, you can choose to cover your space with a screen instead of glass. While this is the least expensive option, enjoyment of the area will be heavily dependent on the weather outside. Also, cleaning the screens is a bit more intensive than washing windows.

Next, the difference between glass options for the two styles is how tempered alternatives. Single pane windows are used for the seasonal, while energy efficient panes would be needed for the year round.

Besides insulation in the windows, the walls, roof, and floor all need increased insulation for an area you intend to use during the winter. This allows for heat to remain in the area, creating a more enjoyable environment, instead of feeling drafty or cold.

The last thing to consider is the heating and air-conditioning unit. While a three-season room may only require a small unit to regulate temperature, it will not be enough to effectively heat the space during winter. Even if it was, as mentioned before, this option is not insulated enough to hold in that heat. Whereas a year round area will need a larger HVAC unit to contend with both hot summer days and cold winter nights.

Choosing which of these patio enclosures to go with is really up to how much money you want to spend and how often you plan on enjoying the room. Either option is going to increase the value of your home, as well as your square footage. No matter what you decide, you can start looking forward to never sweeping leaves off your patio again. Instead, envision sitting in your new sunroom, iced tea in hand, and enjoying the view without the bugs.

A Tale Of Two Patio Enclosures: Which Is Right For You?

A Tale Of Two Patio Enclosures: Which Is Right For You?