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A healthy diet is known to provide many benefits but those benefits can be maximized by consuming certain types of foods which are able to deliver higher levels of nutrients that can enhance the functions of our metabolic system. An exotic fruit which was recently discovered is now the center of attention of the health and beauty community, this fruit is called Acai.

Where does it come from?

Acai is a Palm member of the genus Euterpe and can be found in floodplains and swamps of Central America but mainly in South America (Brazil). The word Acai is a derivation of the word iwasa’i which in Portuguese means fruit that expels water. This type of berry is found in Belize, Peru but there is a higher concentration in the Amazon basin because it provides the perfect environment for this Palm to grow.

It has been long said that the Amazon basin hides secret cures to many of the modern ailments that we experience today but, due to its impressive size and density, many of the secrets found in the Amazonian rain forest may remain hidden for long time. Luckily for us, the Acai fruit was first used by natives who’ve long believed that such berry had fantastic properties which helped their women recuperate after giving birth and they also believe that the very same fruit was able to provide enough energy to anyone who consumed it.

There are several species of Acai found in the Amazonian basin, those are:

— Euterpe oleracea

— Euterpe precatoria

— Euterpe broadwayi

— Euterpe catinga

— Euterpe longibracteata

— Euterpe luminosa

— Euterpe edulis

The fruit of this Palm has a color tone between black and purple and its external appearance is very similar to a grape but Acai has less pulp, the branched panicles may contain as much as 900 berries. The heart of the Palm is often consumed in salads and the fruit itself represents nearly 42% of the total food intake of people who live in the Amazonian region. They do this to say the fruit is cultivated in order to be consumed and used in various juice blends, sodas and smoothies.

The same use is given to this fruit and other countries because such berry contains ingredients that can help people lose weight, promote overall health, prevent cardiovascular conditions, can help a person to detoxify his or her system and a quarter into recent studies it may also have an application when it comes to the treatment of cancerous cells.

In South America this fruit is given many other uses besides being used for foods and drinks, the Palm may be used for the construction and manufacturing of hats, mats, baskets and even roof hatches for homes. Acai seeds are also gathered and given to livestock as food along with a mixture of other ingredients and nutrients; but perhaps the most important application that we can give to this extremely useful natural resource is better understood when we apply health related concepts and realize that there may be nutrients this berry contains can not only help us loose weight and improve our system but can also slow down the aging process which is something that most people would travel to the ends of the earth in search of.

Acai Fruit – Where Does it Come From?

Acai Fruit - Where Does it Come From?