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The tradition of roofing has a history of many materials being used. Natural resources have been some of the most beautiful over the years. Slate is one of these materials. A slate roof gives a rich look to home exteriors. It has several positive qualities. It is durable, fire proof, and waterproof. However, natural materials can come at a high expense and with great maintenance demands. There is good news, in today’s world you can have the incredible and upscale look of a slate roof with man-made materials. Materials like synthetic slate roofing.

You can enjoy many of the benefits of natural slate with synthetic slate, a material made from an engineered polymer. It is long-lasting, waterproof, wind resistant, and fireproof. There are also other advantages to a manufactured material. A large concern with a stone roof is weight, synthetic slate is lightweight. Bearing the weight load of a stone roof is no longer a concern for homeowners. These tiles won’t wear down or crumble over time. Hail or other flying debris that can hit homes’ exteriors during wind storms won’t damage or chip this roofing. You can walk on your roof without worry. Treading on these tiles will not damage them either.

The northern part of the country has a tradition of worrying about the effects of frequent freezing and thawing on the materials they use for roofing. Synthetic slate tile is a good choice to fight the brutal effects of winter. Water isn’t absorbed into the tiles so they do not experience the expanding and contracting that can be caused by freezing in low winter temperatures. Synthetic materials make a great roofing choice for cold climates.

A synthetic material opens up a wide range of color choices that are available to you. An expert tip: when you choose colors for your roof don’t focus on the colors in your siding. Siding isn’t permanent it might be replaced or changed before your roof is. When choosing the colors for your new slate roof look instead to the unchanging features of your home’s exterior, for example, your brick work or foundation.

If keeping it green is important for your exteriors material choices you can feel great choosing synthetic slate. There are many environmentally friendly aspects to this product. Your roofing can be installed in a color blend that effectively reflects sunlight away from your home. In the warm months this feature will keep your home cooler. By doing this you will cut the amount of energy to cool your home. Your roofing material that does this means you are doing your part to reduce air pollution in your area.

There is much less waste produced when you form synthetic roofing tiles as oppose to making a natural slate tile. The expected life span on synthetic slate roofing tiles is 50 years. You will be saving the materials of at least one roof as the standard life of a roof is 15-20 years, not to mention the cost. A leading company in this type of manufactured roofing is creating a tradition of recycling. They have two large recycling programs. Your first opportunity is a job site recycling program. Scraps or cuttings created at your roofing install can be shipped back to the factory, there they will be recycled. 50 years from now when it is time to replace your expired synthetic slate roofing tiles can also be recycled at the manufacturing plant. Companies that are focused on sustainability and quality green products are a great thing to support in today’s market.

When designing your home’s exteriors don’t forget the roofing materials are a great way to make a strong declaration about you and your home. Enjoy the tradition of using wonderful natural materials while using modern synthetic materials. The advantages and durability of man made products are a modern benefit that allow us to enjoy the look of natural materials.

Achieving a Traditional Look With a Modern Material

Achieving a Traditional Look With a Modern Material