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Insulated precast foundation holds the home to be sturdy and strong. Insulated walls and roofing panels are among the ingredients of an energy efficient modular home. They are installed to provide long term cost effective solution and to save for future utility cost.

To further understand the insulated walls and roofing panels, here are its five advantages;

Flexible Designs

Insulated precast foundation can be installed vertically or diagonally. There are different color choices for two varying roof profiles. There are also paint finishes that fit both the interior and exterior features of the walls and roofs.

Reduce Construction Time

Prefab homes are made faster because the insulated precast foundations are pre- finished and are efficiently installed through an advance construction technique. This will then result to absence of delays brought by curing times and multi- product combinations.

Energy Efficient

Insulated foundations are made from recyclable materials, which lead to a good effect to the environment. These foundations are also installed to control and minimize energy consumption during different seasons, thereby lowering utility costs while protecting the climate inside the home. Because of its insulation properties, there is reduce heat loss during winter and minimal heat gain in summer.


Insulated precast foundation withstands the effect of earthquakes and cyclones because most produce minimal lateral loading when the said natural phenomena occur. There is an equal distribution of loads in insulated walls and roofing which gives protection from damage. An insulated foundation has protection from falling objects because of the significant degree of flexure in the panel and the steel skin.

Additionally, insulated precast foundation is able to withstand fire. Home builders and contractors see to it that the insulated panels are fire rated as a requirement for the global insurer’s code.

Cost Effective

As mentioned in the energy efficient benefit of insulated precast foundation, its insulation properties help in reducing utility costs. Moreover, these insulated foundations, walls and roof panels, have lower maintenance costs as they are built with high durability. They have self- supporting property that carries both the load- bearing and non- load bearing applications.

Insulated precast foundation is one of the things home buyers should check when searching for a home builder. It is noted that experienced home builders will install insulated walls and roof panels to ensure energy efficiency in the home. If you have found that the model home or previously built modular homes of a general contractor has the above characteristics, then you have found your home builder. But remember to look for other considerations when taking into account a home builder in your neighborhood.

Advantages of an Insulated Precast Foundation

Advantages of an Insulated Precast Foundation