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Shelter is a basic human need and everyone needs to have a home. The single largest investment in our lives is in a home. However, several factors have pushed up the cost of a decent home very high.

The Prefabricated House is a solution to challenge this situation and make decent housing available to all. Use of prefabricated technology whereby the house is prefabricated in a factory greatly saves on materials in that the customer only pays for the used materials as opposed to the normal traditional method whereby a lot of material is wasted on site.

Prefabricated technology also saves in labor since the house parts are easily fastened to each other during installation.The quality of construction is also kept high since the houses are made in an ISO 9000 2000 certified factory as opposed to the normal traditional method whereby the quality of construction and workmanship is not easily determined until the building is completed.

Current global building technological advances, mainly Structural Insulated Panels on structural steel structures are used for wall, roof and floor. Structural Insulated Panels are made of two steel panels with polyurethane form insulation in between them and come in panels of 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters.

The room space design is flexible and can be customized to a customer’s requirements. Customers can select a house plan form our list or request a new house plan design according to their wishes. Once house plan design is agreed, the house is then installed in the customer’s land wherever it’s located.

Prefabricated housing provides genuine housing solutions to all in the most economically viable and environment friendly way.

Affordable Housing – Pre Built Homes

Affordable Housing - Pre Built Homes