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There is a wide selection of gutter guards on the market. Amerimax is one of the main manufacturers of such protective systems. They offer a wide range of gutter guards with different designs made from different materials. The mesh hinged model made from galvanized steel is one of their most popular products. This review aims to assess the efficiency of this protective system objectively.

The mesh structure of the panels has relatively small apertures. They can prevent larger debris, such as leaves, from falling inside the gutter. Still, some thinner twigs and pine needles can easily get inside the channel and clog it. The mesh screen allows for very good water flow rate, even though it is possible for it to be impaired at one point. This means that rainwater from the roof will not spill over the gutter to ruin the shingles and walls.

The panels have a convex shape. This arch structure reduces the pressure from snow and ice. This adds to the durability of the panels. More importantly, it makes it more difficult to leaves to stick to the top screen. Still, some debris can remain stuck between the guard and the roof shingles. Generally, the performance of this Amerimax gutter guard is satisfactory, even though it could have been better if the apertures were smaller.

The protective panels are made from galvanized steel. This metal is quite strong which adds to the durability of the structure. Still, the galvanized steel is not totally waterproof, like aluminum, for instance. This means that more frequent maintenance will be necessary and this is certainly a disadvantage.

This Amerimax gutter guard is installed with the use of clips. You need to place the panel on top of the gutter, push the push the clips and then release them. The installation is quick and does not require professional help which is an advantage. Still, this form of fastening makes the panels somewhat unstable. They will hold perfectly most of the time, but might be blown away by stronger winds.

Overall, this review concludes that the hinged mesh Amerimax guard from galvanized steel has good performance. Still, you might have to remove some stuck leaves more frequently. It is relatively durable, even though it is not perfectly weatherproof. The installation is quite easy and convenient. It is cost-saving as well. This gutter guard system has good stability, but in some areas in might not be sufficient.

Amerimax Hinged Gutter Guard Review – Does it Perform Well?

Amerimax Hinged Gutter Guard Review - Does it Perform Well?