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Elizabeth Taylor was born Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and is now officially Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, although to many she is simply Liz. Elizabeth Taylor trivia would cover the career and the social life of this actress, as she has been as much in the public eye for the stories of her own life as she has been for the stories of the characters she has portrayed in films. She was only nine when she began her career, and has since those early days remained one of the most influential of the Hollywood elite, and one of the standards against which others are measured.

An Elizabeth Taylor quiz would undoubtably reference some of the most famous films she starred in. Although she had a prolific career in hear earlier years, it would be in the mid fifties, and for several decades following that she would become one of the true elite. “Giant” which she starred in with James Dean is often considered to be one of the first pieces of her career as not only the most recognizable, but the highest paid actress in hollywood. Academy award nominations would also start flowing in in for films like “Raintree Country” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Suddenly Last Summer”.

She would win oscars for “Butterfield 8” and “Who’s afraid of Virgina Woolf”, and would also during this period make her most famous film of all time, “Cleopatra”.

No summary of Elizabeth Taylor trivia would be complete without mentioning her much storied relationship with Richard Burton. Before her first marriage to Burton she would be married four times. But each was for a much shorter period of time than she was with Burton, who at ten years holds the distinction of being married to Liz Taylor for the longest consecutive period of time. She met Burton the film “Cleopatra”, and the two were actually married twice, the second marriage lasting much less time than the first. She has been married twice more since Burton, making for a total of eight marriages, surely an interesting fact bound to show up on any Elizabeth Taylor quiz.

Taylor’s health has been declining in recent years, and she has most recently been seen on the rare occasions she has been in public confined to a wheelchair due to scoliosis. She was also rushed to the hospital due to stress after hearing of her close friends death when Michael Jackson passed away.

An American Actress – Elizabeth Taylor

An American Actress - Elizabeth Taylor