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Some people just need a house to live in. They are completely satisfied with just buying a home that serves its main purpose, putting a roof over their heads-and there's nothing wrong with that. Actually, I'd say I fall into this category. Just give me a nice home, keep the rain off of me, and I'm good. I mean, I do want to live in a nice area of ​​town and pay a reasonable amount for my home. But I don't need anything fancy.

There are also people out there who want more out of their homes. They want to buy a home that provides more than just the basic necessities-and there isn't a thing wrong with that either.

Some people like to have a home that allows them to host all of the action-to make memories in. We all have that friend whose house is the go-to spot when it's time to watch a football game, have a cookout or have a birthday party. These homes are usually larger than most and owned by people who set them up with having fun in mind.

One of my favorite features of a fun home is a man-cave, or at least a downstairs area that's away from everything else. Often these areas will have pool tables, darts, a card table and the flat screen that's only for watching sports. The top of the line man-caves will have a full bar and even a couple of extra bedrooms, well my buddy's did anyway. Note, whatever home you buy , make sure you plan accordingly based on what you are wanting to do with the rooms in that home.

Another must-have feature for a home of anyone who wants to host parties regularly is a nice and large kitchen. Face it, the majority of the action during a party happens in the kitchen, where all of the food is.

And recently, a favorite home feature of mine has become backyards and porches that are done up nicely. I've seen backyards with areas to play horse shoes, fire pits, jacuzzis and big screen TVs. My personal advice, wherever the party is, have something off to the side for people to participate in-something like corn hole even, if it's outside.

Recently I visited a newly purchased home that had a mini movie theater downstairs. It was incredible. They had the popcorn stand and everything. And if you are really serious about your movies, you'll put in movie seating, just like the ones I saw in a Virginia home years ago.

Remember, the entertaining ability of your home won't solely be determined by the actual home you buy, but also by what you decide to do to it. Get creative and plan before you buy.

Are You Looking to Buy the Plain Home or The Stand Out?

Are You Looking to Buy the Plain Home or The Stand Out?