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Asphalt roof maintenance identifies and solves problems related to water leakage. Roofs suffer from more abuse than any other component of a building. Preventive measures form the key element in offering a stronger asphalt roof maintenance. First, clean all debris from the roof surface, including those gathered behind HVAC pitch pans, pipes, units and other penetrations.

Debris has a strong water holding tendency and aids roof deterioration, especially for asphalt based roofs such as asphalt shingles and built up roofs. If your roof collects algae or moss, don’t forget to install lead control or zinc strips. Check your flashings to ensure they aren’t deteriorated. Keep algae off from roof surface. If necessary, install zinc control strips along ridges and hips. 

Guidelines and Directions 

Ensure your gutter stays free of debris. Don’t forget to drain your downspouts through water testing. Trim all overhanging tree branches. Check mortar coatings on parapet walls and chimneys, both on top and between the brick. Tuck point it if it is deteriorated or damaged. 

Debris have a strong tendency of gathering dirt and dust and also expedites deterioration of roof, more so for tar based ones such as asphalt shingles. In case your roof contains bare spots, clean it using a wire brush or broom if necessary. Ensure you remove all loose dirt generated from sweeping and brushing. 


Blow on the area if the need arises. Spread thin asphalt roof cement over the bare area. Gather loose gravel from other roof areas to embed in roof cement. Check flashings to ensure there are no holes in them and that they aren’t deteriorated.

Check edge metals. Good asphalt Roof maintenance don’t yield isolated look at the seams. If so, then make the repairs at the earliest. You can either do this yourself or through any local contractor. 

Asphalt Roof Maintenance

Asphalt Roof Maintenance