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Which is better, having a one night stand with an incredible hot women with a questionable personality, or having a sexually fulfilling relationship with a woman who honestly wants to learn how to push your buttons just the way you like them, and push them over and over and over again?

Obviously, most guys would prefer the second choice, all things being considered. And most guys, if they were truly honest with themselves, would be more than willing to accept a girl that's a couple notches lower on the physical beauty scale if she was really into him.

After all, a cute girl that's totally into you is much better than a gorgeous girl that's only temporarily and partially into you.

So why not make this part of your entire approach? This will not only make it easier, but it will go a long ways in removing that approach anxiety. Why?

When you approach a girl with ONLY sex on your mind, you've already accepted her, before you even talked to her. That means she holds all the cards. You walk up, with only hope in your mind. If she's open to your advanced, great. If she's not, then you fail and feel miserable. You've identified something you want, and you are asking her to give it to you.

But when you see her physical appearance as only the beginning, the approach is more driven by curiosity than anything else. You're going over there to find out if she's got a good personality to go along with her looks.

How do you put this into practice?

Imagine a girl that meets your physical requirements. Imagine that you've already had sex with her, and she's willing to have sex with you again. You're laying there in bed, talking about whatever.

What kind of person do you want to talk to after sex? What personality traits are most appealing to you? Do you want a girl that likes to talk about shopping? The problems of the Republican party? How to best grow tomatoes? The inherent mysteries of life?

Focusing on those personality traits will take away a lot of the anxiety, and it will make you more attractive. Girls like guys who have standards. When you're talking to her, subtly trying to discern her personality, she's going to pick up it. You won't be like every other guy throwing lines out and trying to get into her pants.

This will have a significant impact on your success. Try it out and see how well it works.

Avoid Trickery And Send Your Sexual Success Through The Roof

Avoid Trickery And Send Your Sexual Success Through The Roof