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There are a number of shed designs that you can build to complement your home and property. These shed designs can be esthetically pleasing to the eye and therefore enhance the beauty of your property or garden. They could complement the style of home you are living in because they are similar in design. Some of these shed designs are simple in structure while others are more complex. The design you choose to build on your property will depend on your abilities as a carpenter and woodworker. Of course the design you choose will ultimately depend on your own personal tastes.

One of the simplest designs is the pent roof shed. It is a flat roof shed with a slight pitch to it. This structure is simple in form and makes a great storage shed for your garden supplies and tools. These sheds are often constructed from wood which makes them esthetically pleasing to the eye. This style of shed would look great in you garden or at the back of the yard near some trees if it were made from wood.

The gable roof shed is another excellent choice as a storage shed. It has an A-frame roof which will complement many homes. This design is a little more complex to build than the pent roof shed because of the roof it employs. This roof will require trusses or rafters for its completion.

Another shed design that would look excellent in your backyard or garden is the clerestory style shed. It is esthetically pleasing to the eyes of many people because of the row of clerestory windows in its roof. Of course if your house employs a clerestory roof already, this style of shed would be an excellent complement for your place of residence.

Whatever shed design you choose to build as a complement for your home, backyard or garden consider using a proven shed plan to make your project a more enjoyable experience. Using a proven plan will help save you time and money in the overall construction process.

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Backyard Shed Designs That You Can Build To Compliment Your Home and Property

Backyard Shed Designs That You Can Build To Compliment Your Home and Property