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As one of the leading companies in the sunroom industry Temo has been specializing in sunrooms for more than 30 years. They have their headquarters in Clinton Township, Michigan, where their complex consists of all of the major parts of the company. The engineering and manufacturing departments are located there, as are all of the company offices. Plus, the warehouse, shipping department and the retail showroom are all there as well, making the headquarters a one stop shop for anyone in the area who might be considering adding a sunroom to their home. Plus, it means that the company is able to maintain strict oversight of the entire manufacturing process so that they can keep good quality control on their products.

The first step in the creation of a Temo sunroom product is in the engineering department, where the company focuses on being innovative and providing their customers with a full range of sunroom styles that have a number of different features so that each customer can get the sunroom that they want. They particularly focus on keeping the maintenance needs of their products to a minimum. All of their products are engineered to meet all of the national engineering requirements and standards, and then get certified for their strength by national agencies. They have even passed the test for being qualified to be used in the hurricane zones throughout the country.

A Number Of Choices From Temo Products

Temo offers six different sunroom designs that they will customize with a number of options in order to meet the needs of the customer and to conform with the existing architecture of the home itself. There are a number of Temo dealers that can walk customers through the process of choosing the right style for their home. The studio sunroom is a small size with 3 sides of windows and normally a solid roof. The cathedral sunroom is a larger size, with 3 sides of windows and a pointed, solid roof. The California sunroom has windows even in the gable of the roof. The solarium sunroom has windows for the ceiling and the sides, with a curved aspect converting from the roof to the sides. The conservatory sunroom has a more traditional aspect, with multiple sides of glass that converge into a pointed roof, also formed from glass panes. Finally, the Nino Vitale Signature Collection sunroom has a tiled roof that is designed to match the architecture of the existing structure. All of the sunrooms from Temo are built from the same high quality materials and are backed by the same intensive warranty.

Benefits And Features Of Temo Products

Temo designs all of their products to stand the test of time, and to be the most comfortable and energy efficient designs possible. First, the thermal foam used in the roof is made with a 2 lb density so that it provides the most insulation possible. The roof is designed with a break in it that will prevent the cold from transferring all the way through the structure. Plus, the interlocking structure of the roof construction and the materials used for the seams provide additional strength and integrity to the structure. The roof then gets a nice strong shell costing that not only keeps it from getting scratched or faded, but also adds a nice shine to the materials.

Another important feature of the Temo products is that the windows and doors are also designed to be weather tight while providing excellent strength and insulation. There is a weep system that keeps water away from the structure, and the polymer coating used on the service actually comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, the coating blocks harmful UV rays that helps not only to keep the structure’s components from fading, but also keeps your family from being exposed to potential sun damage. There is a vinyl seal that provides a barrier from the weather. Plus, there are security locks available that serve a dual purpose. They will let you adjust the window to the height that you want, or to secure them from break ins. Deadbolts are also available on the doors for extra protection. The screens are easily removable as well, and nice decorative fixtures such as French handles can be added in order to enhance the look of your doors and windows.

One additional benefit for Temo products has to do with the warranty. When you are making an investment as big as a sunroom, you want to be certain that the sunroom contractor that you choose will stand behind their product. Otherwise, you could soon find out that the investment that you made has turned into a problem that will cost quite a bit of money to resolve. If you choose Temo as your sunroom contractor, you won’t have to worry about this possibility. Not only do they design their products to be low maintenance in general, but Temo offers a lifetime warranty on all of their sunroom components. Plus, it is transferable to the owner of the home, should you ever sell your house.

Benefits And Features Of Temo Products

Benefits And Features Of Temo Products