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Post caps play an integral role in finishing decking or fencing projects. They are placed on deck or fence posts to protect them from water, sun or any other kind of damage. The post cap commonly referred to as the post top provides complete protection to the beautiful fence or deck. The cap is essential as it protects the post from potential damage caused due to mold, rot, sun fading and splintering. By simply installing a fence cap, you can guarantee a much longer life to the entire wood fence. Moreover, many people install these caps for aesthetic purposes. The post tops give the deck or fence a beautiful look and enhance the overall beauty of the exterior. The post top covers are made of various kinds of materials, like wood, glass, copper and vinyl in various shapes and sizes.

Likewise, you can invest in a copper post cap, which will serve as an everlasting investment. Adding the cap will protect the fence and keep the yard safe and secure. The copper caps are commonly used by homeowners to accentuate the yards. The copper will naturally patina with age to colors that match the climate you live in. The greatest advantage of using a copper post cap is that you can easily maintain the caps by applying a clear coat every few years if you wish to keep a shinny look. The copper caps are manufactured and sold in various sizes, shapes and designs. The caps are very easy to install and can slip over the top portion of standing posts. They can be easily installed in just a few minutes. It is recommended to measure the standing posts so that the right sized caps can be purchased.

To install the post cap, outdoor adhesive is applied. Many caps are also available with screws that can be used to put the cap in place. To maintain an elegant and shiny look of the cap, it is important to clear coat them every few years. However, many people appreciate the look of copper as it oxidizes naturally over time requiring no maintenance. There are a few companies that sell not just caps but copper flashing as well. This roofing material acts as a necessary layer of protection from leaks between roofing tiles and the building.

Copper flashing is much more popular than other materials as it is more durable, lasts longer, and looks better than aluminum or steel counterparts. The flashing is installed on specific roof parts where shingles cannot provide a proper barrier to water. You can also make use of the step flashing, and drip edge to prevent the entry of water into your home. In general, the step flashing integrates with shingles and prevents water from entering between the roof and wall. The flashing refers to materials, which are usually made of steel, copper or aluminum. If the step flashing is installed correctly, they will not need any maintenance and will protect from water for the lifetime of the roof.

Benefits of Using a Post Cap

Benefits of Using a Post Cap