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Waste is one of the gravest ailments that plague today’s societies. As the human population grows, the amount of waste grows along with it. And as waste increases in quantity, the space available to us is decreasing. Time may very well come that most of the earth is occupied by wastes. If nothing is done, with the current rate of waste production done by us humans, the planet will be totally devoured by garbage in a few decades. Wastes not only pollute the environment, clearing them up also consumes a major portion in the budget of municipalities. Today, the most commonly used method of waste is the use of landfills, which is somehow a very poor solution.

To address the call for better waste management techniques, new technologies have been developed and the most cutting-edge of these technological breakthroughs is the biosphere technology.

Biosphere Technology

Biosphere technology is the process of using gasification technologies to pull out and gather the combustibility of solid wastes and use the resulting energy to generate heat that in turn produces extremely hot steam. The steam is then controlled to produce clean green electricity.

Importance of Biosphere Technologies

The Biosphere Machines are revolutionary in the sense that they use solid wastes to generate electrical power in a very efficient manner that produces almost no harmful by-products. Very minimal atmospheric emissions are produced because the whole process is done in a limited-oxygen environment. Unlike landfills, no toxic leftovers that can cause leachate issues and ground water contamination are produced. Biosphere technologies are also considered green energy or sustainable energy by the United Nations. Addressing both energy production and waste disposal issues, the Biosphere has the greatest potential among all alternative sources of energy.

Biosphere Zero Waste Philosophy

Biosphere technologies aim to protect humanity and the environment by returning all solid wastes to the earth by converting them into energy. Biosphere technologies are labeled Eligible as Renewable Energy Developer as Renewable Energy Market (REM) due to several reasons: the conversation of any carbon – based material is in excess of 97%; non – carbon based materials are converted into vitrified glass; molten metals are separated from glass and recovered; and non – carbon based feedstock materials are converted into saleable products without any leftover. As such, the need for landfills is completely eliminated

Biosphere Gasification By-Products

– Pozzolanic Ash – has several commercial uses, such as road base, and material for making concrete blocks.

– High Alloy Steel Wire – normally contains titanium or vanadium. Also an integral ingredient in printing inks, toners, single – ply roofing, paints, and plastics.

– Carbon Black – important filler in the rubber industry next to titanium dioxide.

– Electricity – up to 6 megawatts/hour which is sufficient to supply electrical power to 60,000 households annually.

Clean Air Act

Biosphere technologies fully comply with the Clean Air Act as the air emissions from biosphere gasification are well within the confines of the limits set by law.

Biosphere Technology 101

Biosphere Technology 101