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If you’re a large space owner – as in, you run a big office building – you will probably be familiar with the following building-related project services, whether you lease your space or own it. Unless you hire a typical Joe of whom you found out through word-of-mouth, or support such staff in-house, these are often outside companies, hired to do temporary work as scheduled in your preventative maintenance plan (if you have one). These professions – considered new by some – are now the hype of trade schools, and for a good reason. They prepare young adults for real jobs in the skilled services industry. Although grouped as one category, “Building-Related Project Services,” they actually encompass a lot of responsibilities that seldom cross supervisors’ and managers’ minds.

Plumbing workers

Plumbing staff not only fixes leaky faucets, but can also maintain old piping and help keep your existing fixtures in good shape. In case of a severe clog, a plumbing professional can come prepared with tools ready to solve clogging difficulties. A certified plumber can also examine the condition of your plumbing parts (water intake and waste removal) to see if anything needs to be replaced.

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers know their power lines, outlets, light switches, transistors, etc. An electrical engineer can advise you on where to place wire outputs for lighting in new parts of a building if you’re looking to expand your space, or advise you on how to safely distribute power usage in an office.

Lighting designers

A lighting designer can either be a boring staff worker at a home improvement store, or an artistic professional with designing experience. The market is open, and the choice is yours. A good lighting designer provides a solid building-related project service by helping you organize a Christmas display in case you work at a retail store, or install additional light sources at the warehouse in the back. From simple light bulbs to elaborate LED presentations, a lighting designer can be a nice investment in a stunning display.

Landscaping professionals

Skipping the obvious things like “grass gets green, so you need someone to cut it” rhetoric, plainly speaking, a landscaping professional contributes much to the first impressions of your customers’ initial visit to your organization. For example, if your landscaping is filled with trash out front and the bushes aren’t in shape, your (hypothetical) art studio won’t look all that appealing, would it? A landscaper can be one of many people: a bricklayer, a designer, a construction worker, etc. A typical team of 5 professionals can do wonders with remodeling an outdoors lawn 1,000 feet in area in 16 hours, so this might be a great investment, as well.

Roofing specialists

One of the least frequently needed, a roofing specialist can protect your building from water leaks if it rains heavily. A trained technician can see if a roof needs replacement, and can advise building owners on what changes might be needed, as well as how much they would cost.

Audio & Video installers

At places like sports gyms, doctors’ offices, or virtually any other place with a theater or at least a guest area, audio and video installers can help you set up HDTVs with up to 1080pm HD programming at competitive rates. This is helpful not only to your interior’s appearance, but also to your guests who may be interested in your programming (for example, music videos at a fitness studio).

Computer technicians

Virtually every business out there uses some sort of technology nowadays, and computers are the most common sources of breakdowns. Unless you’re in charge of a small organizations with just a few computers that you could fix yourself, you’ll need to hire an IT person to help you manage them every once in a while. From simple issues like wireless internet disconnecting, or serious complications like hardware failures, a computer technician is able to accurately diagnose the problem and offer a prompt solution.

Building-Related Project Services

Building-Related Project Services