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I believe that roof inspections like beetle, electrical and plumbing inspections should become mandatory for all property sales.

The roof is one of the most important and expensive parts of a home but it is the most overlooked item by both prospective purchasers and sellers.

Roof coverings are even more overlooked if the sale happens during Summer or Autumn, just after a seller has made a good push to fix up the house for sale.

Nine out of ten times the seller knows about some leakage issues with the roof and employs a roofing contractor to make good these areas. After the seller has paid the contractor he is satisfied the roof is in good shape and the house is ready to sell. And so he should be after all, he has in good faith just paid someone to make it so.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t like to believe that a seller would go out of their way to defraud someone during a sale. As lay people sellers are at the mercy of the contractor advising them.

However, when the rainy season arrives the new occupants are surprised to find out that the leakages which the seller told them were resolved have in fact not been resolved. Phone calls are made…

While the seller of the house scurries to find the roofing contractor responsible for the repairs, the new home owners also start to make their own calls for an a second opinion.

It is about at this time that surprise turns to shock when the new home owners learn that no reputable contractor will attempt a repair and the roof in fact needs to be replaced.

And so the long drawn out battle begins.

The above scenario is a nightmare situation which we come across far too often during Winter and even Summer. The sad thing is it can easily avoided by means of an inexpensive, 30min roof inspection carried out by a competent roofing contractor.

An unbiased roof covering report will highlight issues such as:

• Age of the roof covering

• Expected life span

• Condition of waterproofing systems

• Hazards

• and more

In addition to the above the above, estimations can be made for repair or replacement costs. These costs can then be negotiated between the buyer and the seller before transfer goes through and no one will be in for any surprises later on.

Buying a Property? Make Sure You Do a Roof Inspection First!

Buying a Property? Make Sure You Do a Roof Inspection First!