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Is your family short of dining, storage, sleeping or R&R space during trailer and caravan trips? Could you use secure covers for your vehicle or guard dog? Some residential and commercial solutions are a canopy and tent, or at less the cost, an awning just like the Harrison porch awning, known for adaptability and quality. Both its Supreme Porch and Demi Porch brands come with a ten-year no-fade guarantee, true-color walling fabric, PVA glazed roofing material and Terylene-toughened PVC low-level paneling for trouble-free clean-up.

The Supreme Porch, a premium range of the Harrison porch awning, shades reliably from the sun, rain and winds with sheeting made of 290 g acrylic stretched over either a passivated steel or alloy metal structure. It turns into an outdoor sun parlor by folding up the front section, with an unusually big translucent window, fully and conveniently using a branded easy zip-out technique. The left-hand wall comes with a singular entrance, and the right-hand wall, dual entrances. Both side partitions are separable, and that on the right is replaceable with a tall or standard annex, great as private sleeping quarters for teenaged children.

Almost any kind of caravan fits the 23 kg Harrison Supreme Porch with an 8 ft (244 cm) projection. Its length equals that or normal caravan awnings but it is slimmer and easier to set up or roll out. With foam and bracket cushions seamed in for fortification, it features color-complemented mud barriers that may be fastened from either side. A mosquito mesh for the side section and a veranda pole may be purchased optionally.

The Demi Porch is an affordable alternative range of the Harrison porch awning to full porch overhangs. With a height of 6 ft (183 cm) and projection of 5 ft (152 cm), it weighs less at 18 kg. It also converts into a sun lounge via the wholly unzipped front wall with outsized translucent window, supported by passivated steel framing. The side partitions sport a zipped-up entrance each in a curved design plus more translucent windows. The two brands have an inclusion of clamps, draught slip, wheel cloak, color-paired drapery and twister rods.

Caravan Uses Of The Harrison Porch Awning

Caravan Uses Of The Harrison Porch Awning