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Okay, so you’re looking for a fixer upper to buy for the purpose of selling it for a nice profit. Well, one thing you don’t want to do is grab a hold of something that is going to need a miracle and a ton of titanium steel to keep together. So, before you go looking for that little profit maker, this article is going to give you a few things that you should look for in your home.

One of the best things that are mostly looked for with a fixer upper is the roof. Many would like to have a house which has a good and firm handled structure. They may constantly ask on such house is being constructed, how many shingles does it have being layered into a top of the roof. Expect those common questions from your buyer. Usually, the reason why people would like to ask of this is that roof are usually having three shingles being layered before the roof is necessary to get replaced. If you have been in the three shingle stage, then perhaps, you should want to pass into this stage since this can be too costly for you in making your repairs in order to make good profit from your sale.

The subsequent thing that most of the people will have to look for is the foundation of the house. The foundation of the house will prove if the house is durable and strong. It is necessary that you will have to make inspections for it in order to ensure safety. However, if you do not have knowledge about it, you can ask somebody who can do it for you.

A scratch foundation can run you to spend of about $20,000 or more during your repairs. However, if it just has minor damages, there can have just slight shifting on it, and that should be your immediate concern. If the foundation has a serious damage, you might also want to pass on this stage as well. After seeing the foundation, your next concern perhaps would be the plumbing. This is done mostly by checking the water pressure within the area. In order for you to do it, you need to go around the entire home and turn on every faucet so that you can find if there are any defects. This is basically done since if the water pressure is low, turning on several faucets, will have to make a crystal clear of water. You can also make a test when somebody is having a shower and at the same time, somebody is having laundry and which ends up of having no water at all. If certain repairs are being needed, it can cost you about $5,000.

The next thing that you should have make check with is the electrical system. If it is an older home, you must check for its wiring if there are any burned wires, rust or anything which does not look right at all. Electrical system is a serious stuff thus you need to be cautious with it. A bad electrical system can literally burn a certain place if it is left unnoticed. If there are major repairs needed, you can have a cost on this between $5,000 and $10,000.

Catchy Spots in a Fixer Upper

Catchy Spots in a Fixer Upper