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In this phase and age of modernity, some people just don’t have the time to know what and how things were before. We are more engrossed with how things will be in the future and everything that comes with modernization. In fact, not many people know what cupolas are; or what are those small buildings on top of the buildings or roofs. Well, that’s what cupolas are! They are those tiny or big, simple or noticeable things perched on top of buildings that are country home roof decor on your home.

Apart from being old world roof decor, cupolas are also designed for functionality. They provide ventilation by letting stagnant air inside the attic to circulate and let bad odor out. They are also a light source; pretty much like a skylight. Furthermore, cupolas beautify any building and give it an old world charm.

The good thing is that cupolas are having a comeback. People are wanting more than the sleek designs that modern architecture offers. They want country home roof decor that provides elegance, are long investment and increase their value throughout the years; and designs that age gracefully.

So if you want to purchase cupolas to recreate the early American architectural design, here are some things that you need to look out for to create that vibe. The first thing you have to put into consideration is the size and style of the building where you will place it. You would want to add a cupola for balance and to create the look that it is not an add-on; rather, you would want it to add appeal to your home that will make it look their best.

Therefore, proportion is everything. The cupola’s size is determined by the height, length and width of the building it will be perched on. The good rule of thumb is the size of the horizontal roof line is directly proportional to the base of the cupola. For instance: A 20-inch cupola base will work fine with an unbroken roof line of 20 feet. On the other hand, if the building is higher than one storey, then the cupola’s size should be bigger.

The kind of material the cupola is made up of should also be considered. This will depend on your preference and the kind of architectural design your house has. Wood cupolas are a good investment. They can be painted according to the look and design of your house; they last long and are lighter than other materials. The disadvantage is that other materials last longer and can withstand weather than wood cupolas.

After you have chosen the right cupola for your home, make sure that the placement is as intricate as the way you have chosen it. Of course, you wouldn’t want your old word roof decor to be poorly built and maintained.

Choose Cupolas to Create a Country Vibe In Your Home

Choose Cupolas to Create a Country Vibe In Your Home