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The Columbia high trail family dome tent is a remarkable 165 sq ft camping tent that can easily accommodate a group of 6 to 8 people. With a 6 feet 6 inches interior height, you can walk around comfortably without hitting the roof. The divider feature allows you to have 2 rooms, in case you need a little privacy. For maximum ventilation, this Columbia tent has 4 windows, side vents and roof vents. The window mesh protects your group from mosquitoes and midge flies. The tent has two D doors with reflective zippers that are handy in darkness.

The 28 pounds 2 inches Columbia high trial family dome tent shelters you from extreme weather conditions. The polyester bathtub floor saves you from getting wet. Even after boarding 8 campers, the tent still has plenty of space for additional features. It includes two interior pockets, a loft area for extra storage, two cup holders, a flash light loop, and a port for extending electrical cords. The expandable nylon bag helps to keep the tent parts compact. Once you unpack it from the bag, it is easy to assemble. It only takes approximately 20 minutes or less to assemble the tent. The instructions provide clear guidance to build the tent.

The Columbia high trial family dome tent was highly appreciated by most of the reviewers. Some of them indicated that the tent has the capacity to withstand strong winds and heavy rainstorms. They found it to be very safe, spacious and cozy. The reviewers also noted that the tent can be assembled in 20 minutes or even less. Most of them felt that the divider was a wonderful addition. One reviewer thought that the tent was a useful, worthy investment. Another person liked it so much that he named it the Best Family Tent on the Planet.

A couple of reviewers commented that the directions to assemble the tent were unclear. One person also felt that the tent was unsuitable for all weather conditions. Most of the reviewers, however, did not feel disappointed at all and declared that they will recommend this tent.

The Columbia high trial family dome tent has captured the admiration of most of the reviewers. It has received numerous positive reviews. It is comfortable, spacious and airy. It protects you from blowing wind and downpour. For a reasonable price, this Columbia tent proves to be a valuable asset.

Columbia High Trail Family Dome Tent

Columbia High Trail Family Dome Tent