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The chimney is an important part of your home structure that keeps your home warm in extreme cold weather. In most cases wood and gas build fire in chimney. Proper cleaning is essential for smooth working. Yearly inspection helps to achieve this aim. Mason and fireplace professionals carryout some common chimney repairs occasionally that conserve its functionality and enable it to perform major functions like:

• Removal of harmful byproducts produced during burning of fuel

• Removal of excessive heat from combustible items near fire

What are Common Chimney Repairs?

It is difficult to find out any kind of problems or damages associated with chimneys. That’s why people always prefer to take help from professional handyman to detect problems and proper chimney repair. Following are some of the important components of chimney that can be repaired any time to restore its function.

• Chimney Caps

• Mortar Crown Repair

• Firebox re pointing and rebuilding

• Damper repair

• Flue repair

• Storm Collar

• Liner Gap Repair

• Chimney Relining

Chimney Caps

Chimney must have suitable cap, installing wrong cap over chimney can cause disastrous fire. Cap is mounted to restrict water, animals and debris to get enter in chimney that finally leads to blockage of unit and create extremely hazardous condition. Water can destroy liner and mortar joints between liner sections. Spark arrestors are also fixed on cap to prevent falling of dangerous sparks on your roof and prevent fire.

Mortar Crown Repair

It is the top part made up of concrete that don’t let water to enter in flue. If you found cracks immediately get them repair because water can enter via cracks that also destroys other parts like ceilings, walls and attics along with chimney.

Firebox Re pointing and Re building

This is made up of bricks use to build fire. Loose bricks are necessary to repair to avoid accidents.

Damper repair

Damper keeps the flue close when fireplace is not in use. It stops heat flow out from chimney. It should also repair in case of any defect.

Flue repair

It is an internal part that works like a canal to blowout smoke and other toxic gases produced in fireplace. It may get cracked and blocked with debris and creosote (oil released upon burning of wood). It must be removed regularly to avoid dangerous fire accidents. Moreover, cracks should be sealed immediately for safety purpose.

Storm Collar

It is the small piece of metal that protect chase cover. Improper installation let water to enter in chase that travels down along the length of unit. Water destroys the whole unit but this can be easily avoided by proper maintenance.

Liner Gap Repair

Improper construction, earth quake and normal wear and tear can cause gaps between flue tiles. Chimneys without caps always face this problem. These gaps leads improper functioning of chimney and results in accumulation of combustion product. Initially liner gaps can only repair by relining and rebuilding of the whole unit. But now days it can efficiently resolved with fire guard.

Chimney Relining

Chimney is made up of concrete or terra cotta. Cracks are the major problem for chimneys and they must be repaired before using fireplace. You can use various options to tackle with the problem. It mainly depends on the condition of unit. Insulating whole unit with stainless steel provide effective solution to this problem. Further, you can also install larger steel liner that keep fireplace open. Technically it is difficult to install such big liner.

Common Chimney Repairs

Common Chimney Repairs