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Very, very, old homes will have wooden rain gutters, and most of the older homes today have galvanized steel gutters or old systems made out of copper. You can tell the ones made out of copper because they have turned green. The older houses with galvanized steel normally have the paint falling off of the side of the gutters, and they have been repainted many times during each decade of use.

Of course, there’s more to a rain gutter than just looks, the key component is performance, after all, a rain storm gutter is designed to remove all the rain off the roof and divert it away from the house. Roofs that have flat spots, or collect rainwater deteriorate quickly. Repairing a roof can be extremely expensive. What you need is a new highly customized and well engineered water collection devices which prevents debris from collecting inside, inefficiently allows the rainfall water flow to move quickly along the gutter, and then down into the downspout.

It is very important that the water collection system is sloped correctly so that the water ends up exactly where it needs to go. If the gutters are sloped incorrectly, it fills up with water and an extra water weight of 7.5 pounds per gallon will take its toll on the storm water gutter clip hangers, or other hanging systems causing it to break, sag, or fail. During heavy rains water flowing down the walls of a home will create havoc and cause permanent damage to the walls and exterior.

In an improper flowing water collection system, you can expect overflow onto the paint, and for that paint to collect mold, or discolor. Eventually even the foundation of home can come into risk as water gets underneath. Rain gutters are essential to the structural integrity of the home, not only for its looks. What you need is the best possible gutter system, one that will last a lifetime, or at least the life of your home. Please consider all this.

Curb Appeal, Real Estate Values, House Trim, and Storm Water Collection Systems

Curb Appeal, Real Estate Values, House Trim, and Storm Water Collection Systems