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Sometimes you might feel like your home or some of the rooms are getting smaller. In this case it’s important to get some room additions. You can hire a professional to undertake this project or do it yourself. Although doing it yourself will save you some money its important to know that these projects are usually expensive hence proper planning is necessary. Building a room is one of the best investments you can make with regard to your current home. The addition can be a family room addition or a bonus room.

The budget

The first step when undertaking this task is creating a budget for all the expenses that you will incur during the process. This will estimate all the materials required. The best idea is to start from the exterior then move to the interior. This means estimating the amount of siding required, roofing, wood framing, drywall and finally the interior finishes. The material prices can be estimated by getting the unit price from the suppliers. Remember it is not possible to do all the work by yourself therefore you need to make a provision for professionals fees. This will include the fee charged by an architect, landscapers and the building inspector. Add all these costs together and remember inspections costs for room additions in San Diego vary from one place to another.

Different areas you can add additions

After completing your budget on the money you will spend on the room addition plans you need to formulate a sketch. This will include the floor layout, the size of the addition and the physical exterior shape. Leave the complicated parts such as the roof line or foundation to a professional such as an architect. Although this is a DIY project, involving an architect will ensure that the new addition will fit perfectly to the existing home. The room should enhance the resale value of the home and not ruin it. Some poorly constructed room additions appear to be after thoughts hence ruining the appeal of the neighborhood.

Checking Existing structures

Another basic factor when constructing a DIY room addition in San Diego is proper inspection of the existing structures. The inspection is also necessary to ensure you get the required permits. The inspection includes the overall building, plumbing and insulation. This will ensure that you get a permit to go ahead with the room addition. Other requirements during the inspection process include your sketches of the room addition and the bill of materials.

DIY Room Addition Basics

DIY Room Addition Basics