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Christmas yorkies deserve the best and cold kennels just won’t do it. Whether a pooch palace for sophisticated urbanities or a rural cottage idyll for country yorkies, this is a guide to creating the doghouse of pet dreams.

So, even if you prefer a simple lifestyle, and your own home falls somewhat short of luxurious – there is no reason why your yorkie’s special areas should be anything less than comfortable and beautifully designed this Christmas season.

Starting this December, your “Christmas yorkie” will want to live somewhere that has style. So invest time and effort in your friend’s accommodation; it’s the least you can give in return for the unbounded love he will offer you.

Folk-art Kennel

The essence of folk style is its native quality, of course, so don’t worry if your painting skills are on the primitive side!

Here, you will need: Kennel, yellow oil paint, linseed oil, turpentine, sponge or rag, ruler and pencil, jar, a range of paintbrushes, including a stencil brush, acrylic paints in: red, blue, green, and black, tracing paper, thin cardboard, craft knife, sandpaper, strip of tin for roof, metal cutters, protective gloves, clear varnish, ¼ nails.

Mix some yellow oil paint with one part linseed oil and two parts turpentine. Rub it into the wood with a sponge or rag. Measure out panels on the sides of the kennel. To create the inverted curves on the corners, draw around a jar. Paint the borders red.

Enlarge the template of the urn and draw it onto cardboard, then cut it out. Place the stencil in the center of a panel, hold firmly and stencil in blue paint. Repeat on each panel.

Use a ¼-inch brush to paint leaf shapes, applying more pressures at the end of the stroke, thus achieving a curving line that tapers at one end. Paint roses and tulips in broad, thick strokes.

Allow to dry, and then define petal lines with a fine paintbrush.

Outline the panels in black paint, and if you prefer a slightly aged effect, use sandpaper to distress the paint finish. Then paint the inside of the kennel blue.

To decorate the roof, cut a strip of tin the length of the kennel by 12 inches (wear protective gloves). Fold in half lengthwise then cut a zigzag edge along the long sides. Sand down and rub yellow oil paint into the metal, until no excess paint is on the surface.

Varnish to seal. When dry, nail to the roof.

Do-it-Yourself Kennel – An Attractive, Yet Inexpensive Gift For the Christmas Yorkie

Do-it-Yourself Kennel - An Attractive, Yet Inexpensive Gift For the Christmas Yorkie