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Regardless of the industry you belong, whether you are managing an office building or a warehouse or perhaps, a retail store, you need a systematic energy management system. This helps ensure that you are getting efficiency and sustainability for your business operation as a whole. Thus, it is imperative that you carefully consider what energy management approach to apply and which system you need to consider implementing.

To be able to achieve both efficiency and sustainability, considering the following areas are critical:

Working for the reduction of carbon footprint

This is defined as “the total set of greenhouse gas emissions” your facility produces out into the environment in any one-year period. As a company that strives to achieve better energy sustainability, you must factor this in to your set of criteria by employing a system that monitors carbon dioxide emissions, gas responsible for global warming.

Reduction of other greenhouse gases

Commercial buildings are a prime contributory sector of environment pollutants considering their use of an array of chemicals, which are potentially harmful to the environment, in their processes. A good energy management system ensures that greenhouse gas (water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, etc.) emission is minimal.

Lowering energy bills

Efficiency also means keeping the operational costs at reasonable levels. Thus, working to lower energy bills is necessary. It is important that the energy management system you employ is effective when it comes to ‘economically favorable’ energy consumption, without compromising the operation process. For instance, you might want to consider an effective ‘daylighting’ system that allows you to make use of sunlight to its optimum potential for building lightings, which reduces electric consumption. The use of appropriate roofing system can also be a big help to reduce energy use. A good roofing system helps maintain an ideal temperature inside a facility and therefore can efficiently use equipment like ‘cooling system’ or air-condition system. Good daylighting and roofing systems can dramatically reduce the overall operational costs.

Employs effective energy monitoring system

As efficiency and savings are a critical component for effective energy management system, the use of energy monitoring system is practical, necessary. More and more companies are now implementing robust monitoring and evaluation of their facility and their components – you should not be left behind. If you are not sure on how to do that, you can actually hire a facility management service provider to do the monitoring on your behalf. In fact, some companies offer energy evaluation for free. In connection with this particular criterion for efficient energy management, you must also work so that your energy system conforms to LEED and Energy Star Certification standards.

Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings

Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings