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Food transpires across language barrier or cultural divide. It is that one special element of life that can make a person feel at home even when “home” is a thousand miles away. Part of enjoying a visit to another region of the world is taking in all the wonderful tastes and smells that foreign cuisine can provide. Providing a window into what makes up a culture, food gives one the opportunity to explore different dishes. Morocco cuisine will not disappoint. There are a variety of places that let foreign travelers experience the vibrant flavors that go into Moroccan cuisine.

Some Good Restaurants

A Moroccan culinary experience starts at the Le Restaurant du Riad Monceau. This charming dining establishment is owned and operated by renowned French artist, Isabelle Aubry. The dining area is set inside the Riad accommodation area providing the ultimate dining experience for couples, families and friends. Menu selections features traditional Moroccan cuisine such as fruit kebabs with coulis topped with citrus fruit honey. Meals may be served in the main dining room, lounge area or poolside at quaint patio tables.

Travel 10 to 15 minutes outside of Marrakech to uncover the culinary wonder of Le Bo Zin. Here diners will delight in experience Asian fused cuisine in a vibrant setting. Most nights features the musical talent of DJ’s that play a nice mixture of music. Once dinner has been cleared from the table, the music is kicked up a notch and the dancing begins. Staff members have been known to get out on the dance floor and dance the night away with guests. An outside patio area features comfortable sofas and music that is perfect for that after dinner drink with friends or a toast to the end of another great day in Morocco.

Arrival at Le Foundouk is unlike any other experience in Morocco. Many guests are dropped off by taxis or other transportation services at what seems to be a desolate location. From out of nowhere a man arrives clothed in beautiful garments carrying a lantern. This will serve as the diner’s guide to the restaurant location. Walk down a small roadway and into the front door of the restaurant. Once inside, ancient Marrakech decor adds a stylish ambiance. Taking center stage is a magnificent candle chandelier that draws focal attention from every corner in the restaurant. Menu selections feature one menu of Moroccan cuisine while the flip side displays European cuisine.

Guests will enjoy an evening dining at Tanjia. This three story restaurant features a bar on the ground level and two main levels for dining. The bar is a great place to grab a quick drink and appetizer before dinner or enjoy the evening with friends. Venture upstairs to enjoy a great meal in the balcony area blanketed by an atrium that sprinkles water mists to keep the Moroccan heat down. After dinner enjoy the evening attraction of a traditional Moroccan belly dancing show.

Wind down a great day in Morocco with a stop at Café Arabe in Marrakech. This three level bar and restaurant serves up drinks and dinner that are an adventure all by themselves. Each level of the restaurant offers food and drinks. The roof top terrace affords some of the best views in Morocco. Menu selections feature traditional Moroccan dishes alongside Italian delights. Staff is personable and always available to refill a wine glass or bring the next course to the table.

One of the hidden gems of Marrakech is the Earth Cafe, owned and operated by Niam, a former up-scale california restaurant owner turned dalmatian and organic olive farm plantation owner, opened a little restaurant in a small riad in the central part of the medina. Having some of the best and simplest mene choices around, your taste buds and satisfactory cells won’t be left hungry. Niam also sells organic olive and argon oil from his farm here. This place is highly recommended and still left undiscovered. (I know, cause I’m his friend.)

Casablanca: Culinary Cuisine

For a culinary change of pace, take a trip to Casablanca to experience Kiotori. This restaurant holds the distinct honor of being the first Japanese restaurant in Morocco. Diners will be treated to authentic Japanese culinary tastes and smells with dishes straight from areas of Japan and Asia. Once inside the doors, diners are engulfed in simple Japanese décor that emits a Zen-like ambiance among personable and helpful staff members.

Another great dining experience can be found at the Tahiti Beach Club restaurant. Diner will enjoy scenic views of a nearby beach, botanical garden and city life in Casablanca. Menu selections are delicious portions of international cuisine that are sure to delight everyone at the table. Staff members are fluent in Arab, French and English. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A visit to a Morocco restaurant or other on your Morocco holidays would not be complete without indulging in all the culinary aspects of the region as well. Each eatery and dining establishment offers a different twist on traditional Moroccan dishes while offering others from all realms of the cultural culinary world. Diners will not be disappointed, with the menu selections offered and will often find a need to ask for a second bite or try something new. One thing is for sure, Moroccan cuisine will not have diners asking for a doggie bag to take leftovers home. Every delicious bite will be consumed on site.

Epicurean Morocco – Moroccan Cuisine & What it Means

Epicurean Morocco - Moroccan Cuisine & What it Means