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A hardwood floor nailer is the tool of choice for anyone who wants to put in a new hardwood floor. Hardwood, as its name indicates, is a hard wood that is often difficult for nails to penetrate. Bringing the nail flush with the hardwood surface is important, as allowing the heads to hang out a bit can ruin the look of the floor when it is completely installed. If someone’s paying you to install the floor, they won’t be getting their money’s worth with nail heads sticking out of their floor.

A hardwood nailer is a simple remedy to the woes associated with installing a hardwood flooring surface. Even if you are installing a floor over a floor (which isn’t recommended) you still need to make sure the nail heads are flush and that there is no damage to a new floor.

Minimizing damage to the hardwood surface and eliminating the cracking and crazing that can occur with improperly set nails can be difficult when you have to line each nail up by hand. Using the right tool means that each nail is preset so there will not be any missed marks, uneven nail head trails, or bent nails. Professional grade results come from professional grade tools and no matter what type of flooring you are installing you have the pneumatic pressure of your tool to help you get it right. Many come with a rubber mallet for the initial learning curve. Others come with a preset nail setting ram to prevent partially driven nails.

Buying and using a hardwood nailer has simply become common practice in the industry. While it might be tempting, don’t try to use your nailer for other projects that require fast nailing unless it is specified that the nailer can handle roofing and sheathing jobs.. This only causes issues with your quality of work, can cause injury, and can put you out of business. While a hardwood nailer can be used on softer woods which are rarely used for flooring surfaces, it is recommended to practice with each type of wood to gauge the pressure used to get the nail through the wood.

Essential Tools For Installing a Hardwood Floor

Essential Tools For Installing a Hardwood Floor