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Aside from being a nice garden accessory, wind chimes have been used as actual Feng Shui remedies for a variety of reasons. And there is also one circumstance where they should absolutely NOT be used.

As a moving metal remedy, wind chimes or bell strands can disperse negative energy when it is of a specific earth “sha.” The term “sha” can translate as harmful energy. In the cycle of the five elements, earth wants to nurture or become metal, so the metal chime can absorb the negative earth energy or transform it. I am not referring to Planet Earth when I note “earth” but rather a less literal “earth phase” that defines some magnetic fields determined by the Flying Star School.

How do we know when or where this negative energy is located? Understanding the appropriate location for a wind chime (indoors or outdoors) is the domain of the Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioner. One has to calculate the construction era of the given house or building and also factor in the compass alignment.

Other modern alternatives to the wind chime include a pendulum clock with a swinging brass piece. Even a piano (for the metal strings) can work as a moving metal remedy where wind chimes have been recommended.

Perhaps there is an unspoken Feng Shui component behind the almost universal spiritual practice of ringing bells in churches and banging gongs in temples, all having a similar effect as far as Feng Shui theory is concerned.

Another time to hang a 6-rod metal wind chime from a roof over-hang, is when there is a demolition or construction going on in direct alignment with your property and it can become quite crucial in certain directions in certain years. For example, in the year of the Rabbit, the direction of directly east and directly west are both directions that can be very accident-prone and a strategically placed wind chime can help halt the precarious vibrations coming from these directions directly toward a structure.

In the Year of the Dragon, the Dragon direction of southeast and the opposing Dog direction of northwest will be two important directions to bolster with a wind chime, should your home be in that alignment with someone else’s construction or especially one that cannot be rescheduled on your own property.

As a practitioner, I have gone to homes or businesses where there was in fact a construction going on in a bad alignment to my client’s property. The predictable mishaps had taken place and my advice was to add the properly placed wind chime. Chronic problems with the construction project or the owner’s health would settle down or resolve once the remedy was installed. After the fact is better than not at all, but before a construction begins is the best recourse.

There is, however, one circumstance when hanging a 6-rod metal wind chime could be a problem and even many Feng Shui practitioners don’t know this. One has to practice the Xuan Kong School in order to know if a property contains a particular combination called the 2-5 stars. Not every house has this specific type of energy field in a portion of their house. It can only be determined which houses have this energy field when the year of construction is combined with the orientation. For example, a southwest facing house built between 1944 through 1963 is a house type that has this particular energy field.

As well, a northeast facing house built between 1964 through 1983 also has this particular energy field which has the 2-5 energy pattern. These numbers are just short hand for a certain type of energy field and it is not anything visual you can recognize. It is in the calculations.

When a 6-rod metal wind chime is placed in the 2-5 or 5-2 location of a house, it can attract a ghost or the spirit of a loved one! I’ve had this confirmed by clients and I have also experienced this occurrence personally as well.

There are many other examples of where certain popular Feng Shui remedies should NOT be randomly placed just anywhere in hopes of attracting good luck. There can definitely be a backlash to having something potentially very powerful placed incorrectly. Consulting with a highly trained and experienced practitioner is recommended.

Feng Shui and Wind Chimes

Feng Shui and Wind Chimes