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At one time, masonry and wood were virtually the only dome materials available. Today, anyone who intends to purchase a dome will likely be able to choose from a number of modern and lightweight materials. GFRP domes and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete domes in particular are quite popular. Both of these dome materials have unique characteristics and advantages, so choosing between them can be a challenge. This article will provide more information about Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete domes and GFRP domes to help individuals make an informed decision about which type is best for a given project.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Domes

Overview: GFRC domes are made from a mixture of authentic Portland cement and glass fibers to provide strength. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete domes have the look of concrete, but are much lighter. GFRC domes are cast in molds to achieve precise results.

Advantages: In addition to being lightweight, GFRC domes are also extremely strong. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete domes are resistant to rust and rot, and can withstand exposure to salt spray and high levels of moisture.

Design possibilities: GFRC domes can be placed indoors or outside. This material is the better choice for those looking for an element that can be painted, since many manufacturers offer GFRC domes in a paint grade finish. Integral colors and textures are offered by many producers of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete domes, and they can also be cast to contain ribs or coffers, or to look like roof tiles.

Best for: GFRC domes are best for those who desire the look of concrete without the high weight and associated problems.

Architectural Fiberglass Domes

Overview: GFRP domes are manufactured using a mixture of polyester or epoxy resin and glass fibers. Like GFRC domes, GFRP domes are cast using molds, so a myriad of shapes and textures are possible.

Advantages: Architectural fiberglass domes offer a number of advantages over those made from other materials. GFRP domes are typically more affordable than those made from precious metals and stone, and they are also exceptionally durable and strong.

Design possibilities: GFRP domes offer an almost unlimited number of design possibilities. Architectural fiberglass domes can be manufactured to match any color sample, and they can also replicate a variety of spectacular and very expensive materials, including bronze, gold, copper, granite, limestone, and marble.

Best for: Architectural fiberglass domes are the best choice for individuals who want a durable and affordable material that offers a large number of design options.

Fiberglass and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Domes – Choosing a Material

Fiberglass and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Domes - Choosing a Material