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Garden sheds are typically single-storey structures in ones back garden or farm, used as a storage-house, hobby-zone or a workshop. They vary considerably in complexity of their construction and size, from small open-sided tin-roofed structures, to large wood-framed sheds with shingled roofs, windows and electrical outlets inside.

They can be built using thin metal sheets like galvanized iron or aluminum, which are generally used from the viewpoint of providing long term strength and resistance to fire, rot or termite. They may also be made of PVC or polyethylene which has a good resistance to denting and chipping. Wooden sheds have a natural look that can blend in well with garden environments.

Kinds of Garden Sheds

– Storage Buildings

– Farm Sheds

– Wood Cabins

– Garages

– Green Houses

– Conservatories

– Gazebos

– Chalets

– Childrens Play Houses

– Summer Houses

– Work Shops


One of the primary functions of garden sheds is as storage devices for garden equipments, tools, accessories and furniture. Farm sheds are a good way for farmers to keep a comfortable watch on their farms. Green houses also act as a good bed for growing trees quickly and as a horticulture laboratory.

Garden sheds can serve as small business-houses at times, or play stations for children. They can be used as bird-houses, chicken-coops or other pet-homes to provide your furry friends with shelter. And for you, it could be a place of peace and privacy, away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.


– You need to select the best place for your garden sheds so that they are useful and look beautiful as well. The back corner of your property may be the most conventional location, but that does not mean it is the best location. Place your sheds with discretion.

– Do not put your sheds on the most fertile soil in your gardens, nor place them where a garden bed is to be shaded during the growing season.

– You need water for many gardening tasks. Try to build your garden sheds near a water source.

– Your garden sheds should be conveniently located, because you will be using them for many purposes on a regular basis. You may want to place it near an existing path. If not, you will probably have to create a new one.

– Make sure the door to your garden sheds is wide enough to move your equipment in and out easily. Bumping the door-frame every time you move a wheel-barrow can be a real nuisance!

– Garden sheds are are of various types. If a wood-piece is to be selected, quality of wood to be taken care of.

– Despite the strength of quality wood, over time it can rot, split, warp or become susceptible to mold, mildew, fire and termites; so it should duly be treated for protection.

– You will want a lock on the shed door. Garden equipments are expensive and a lock will deter thieves. More importantly, it will keep curious children away from sharp tools and garden chemicals housed inside your garden sheds.

Garden Sheds Are An Extension Of Your Home

Garden Sheds Are An Extension Of Your Home