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Success is a goal of anyone who is into online business and one way of attaining these is to have a good portion of unlimited traffic going to their website. Google AdWords can be this way of driving unlimited traffic by means of the pay per click ad scheme.

In order to get this unlimited traffic, you have to target your keywords. Keyword research is a key to this strategy and having a list of targeted keywords can give you an edge.

Before, targeting of keywords used to be targeting the exact match of keywords, using phrase match or broad match of keywords. Nowadays, Google is offering a new feature that can help online advertisers improve their performance by way of improved targeting of keywords.

This new feature can make you create keywords that are more targeted and have greater reach than the usual phrase match or broad match. This new feature is a modified broad match that can make your targeting of keywords more effective due to its wider reach.

It is known that when an advertiser uses a keyword in their conceptual AdWords campaign, Google will match the keywords to relevant pages in all websites within the Content Netword. Using the modified broad match can make your ads appear on even more sites relevant to yours.

To implement this new feature you have to put a (+) symbol before a word used in the broad match. This can make your keywords more targeted since the modified keyword match will make your ad appear in more sites without you having to specify where they have to be displayed.

This new feature can help you achieve good conversion rates because of improved targeting to your quality customers. This new feature can help you also get more clicks because of improved targeting and with improved conversion rates, good return on investments will conversely follow.

This feature can make your objectives more attainable than the traditional broad match that you usually do. Having this new feature can make you give your ad campaign lesser chances of failure.

Producing close variants in your broad match, like misspellings or abbreviations and keywords in singular and plural forms, give you more advantages. This can make your ad appear in even more relevant sites in the content network.

Acronyms can also be a close variant of your keywords (ex. Roof and roofings) but synonyms are not since these could be different words. The close variants make the match even broader giving you more chances of success in your targeting of keywords.

This new feature can give advertisers more chances of getting better performance in their ad campaign. And this will give you more chances of success in your business, if you avail of this new feature.

Google AdWords New Feature to Target Keywords

Google AdWords New Feature to Target Keywords