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When building a house, one important consideration is the design of the roof. Different roofing materials provide different benefits and set backs, and home builders are usually able to offer a wide array of possibilities. Therefore, it is a homeowner's responsibility to work with contractors to determine the best options in order to maximize the lifespan and usefulness of their roof. Of course, aesthetic concerns also come into play when planning design, especially because roofing materials will be on full display at most times. Careful consideration is therefore warranted when making these decisions.

Many roofs are composed of shingles, but there are several shingle materials available on the market, and they offer different benefits. One of the most common roofing materials is composition shingles. These are fiberglass or organic planes coated in asphalt and covered with various mineral granules. Composition shingles are the most cost effective option for roofing, and they are particularly easy for home builders to install. However, they appear flat and do not contribute a great deal of beauty to a house. Wood shingles, on the other hand, provide character and appeal to a building's roof, but they are significantly more expensive than composition shingles. Wood shingles and composition shingles have comparable life spans, topping out at 25 to thirty years.

Various tiles also make excellent roofing materials. Slate tiles are natural quarried rock slabs that can last up to 100 years and provide an attractive exterior to a house. The downside is that slate roofing requires reinforced roof frames due to the weight of the stone. Additionally, cracked stones must be diligently replaced, and slate tiles can cost up to ten times as much as composition shingles. Clay tiles are popular in many markets, and come in beautiful shades of glazed colors that can be tailored to suit any design. These tiles cost slightly less than slate tiles and can last nearly as long. Finally, manmade concrete tiles have gained popularity due to manufacturer's ability to mold concrete to look like any other material. Many also come with lifetime warranties.

Synthetic slate roofing is a plastic and rubber blend material designed to resemble slate tiles without the great weight. They can also be slightly cheaper than stone tiles, but the highest fire rating can drive costs close to those of natural stone tiles. Laminate roofing is another synthetic material that resembles composition tiles, but it is slightly heavier and more capable of providing a texture profile. Laminate roofing lasts up to 50 years and withstands wind and heat nicely.

When building a house, individuals will be advantaged by exploring these various roofing options and discussing their choices with professional home builders. Taking cost, aesthetics, and durability into account should provide a clear answer as to which material best suits a home. Whether homeowners are interested in natural or synthetic materials, numerous choices are available.

Home Builders Offer Roofing Options – Various Materials Are Available

Home Builders Offer Roofing Options - Various Materials Are Available