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In today’s economy, more and more people are remodelling their home to add value and much needed space. There are many parts of the home that you can revamp in the home including: kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom and garden design. Within this article we will be taking a look at the popular attic renovation choice, and the addition of a second story to your house.

Attic Renovation

Getting an attic renovation is one of the most popular ways of getting more space in your home. This tends to be a more viable option within older homes than newer ones, and with basements sometimes tough to remodel, changing your attic is a solid choice.

The first thing to consider is the structure of the attic. Without the appropriate measurements it won’t even be possible to renovate your attic. Codes will generally tell you that you need 10 feet of headroom below the ridge line, with half of the floor having seven and a half feet of this.

Note: The best style of roof for an attic renovation is one supported by cross braces because these give you a lot of area in the attic.

Don’t forget, the floor is just as important as the roof – if not more so. What you have to remember is that the floor of the attic is the ceiling of the below room(s). With this in mind, it needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of someone using the attic as a living space.

The best thing to do to double check is to bring in an expert and/or professional who will let you know if everything is up to standard or what to do next.

Second Story Additions

Oftentimes, people get a stage whereby their home is perfect in every way but the size. You are left with an unenviable decision – move or expand. Two things often make you want to stay where you are.

First, you picked where you live for a reason: your friends are there, family maybe, parks, shops and schools right on your doorstep. Second, do you really want to go through the process of solicitor fees, stamp duties and all the other outlay of dead money there is through moving home?

A great option when you don’t really want to move is to remodel your home with story additions. A second story addition can add value, style and obviously space to your happy home. By getting a good, effective second story addition you can:

– Add value to the house

– Solve space issues

– Leave more space downstairs

– Keep your yard, garden and patio in the same condition it always was.

Home Remodeling Options: Attic Renovations and Second Story Additions

Home Remodeling Options: Attic Renovations and Second Story Additions