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The attic floor is built into the roof space. This is contained in the triangular space from the ring beam level to the roof ridge. The home owner may intend to convert the attic into a bedroom or study. The room will thus require natural lighting. This is made available using a domer window. This window may be formed into a shed or or gable domer. The headroom and extra light are some of the reasons a home owner may add the domer roof in the attic room.

In the attic floor, the two types of domers can be added depending on the light and headroom required. For the shed domer, more light and headroom is achieved since the shape is rectangular. It also has windows on the sides. While for the gable domer only one window is provided due to its triangular shape. The headroom is still achieved. The construction starts by cutting out a hole on the roof. This depends on the room use and the amount of light required.

The construction of gable domer commences by fixing a a new ridge of about seven feet long. This is supported by a domer rafter carried by a wall plate. A jack rafter is done on both sides of the added rafter to create two valleys. This shall connect with the original roof. The jack rafter also will sit on the wall plate. The rise above the roof on the lower side is about four feet to the wall plate. After the gable framework is completed then covering can commence.

The window frame made of timber or louvers is fixed. The sides of the domer are covered with weather boards. The front side is also covered with the boards around the window. This is also done above the window on the gable. permanent vents should be done for air circulation. The roof covers should match the existing one. A metal flashing should be fixed on the joint between the weather boards and the existing roof. Matching paint is then done on the boards to complete the domer window.

How to Add Light and Headroom in an Attic Floor Using a Domer Window

How to Add Light and Headroom in an Attic Floor Using a Domer Window