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Definition: A hunting blind is a cover device for hunters, designed to reduce the chance of detection – Wikipedia.

Before you start

1. Prepare your blind at home and later re-assemble it at the hunting location. Re-assembly should then require only a cordless drill, galvanized screws and a hammer.

2. Use pressure treated wood if possible (It last longer).

*Note I have not identified width or length dimension (Only heights) as you can make it any size depending on the hunting party.

Build it (Pictures are NOT to scale)

1. Build a basic sub-floor with 2x6s. Remember to space the joists 16 inches on center.

2. Now screw (galvanized screws) a 5/8-inch plywood on top of the sub-floor, this now becomes the floor of the blind. You should first pre-cut the 4×4 holes in each corner of the plywood to accommodate the 4×4 posts that will be install, see below.

3. Install the 4×4 post. The two front posts should be around 48inches in length, while the two in back should be 53″ (This will utilize your 8′ 4×4 for the front post and your 10′ 4×4 for the back and note almost 6″ will be ate up by the thickness of the floor). Cut the back posts (at the top ends) with a 25-degree angle backwards to set the angle for the sloping roof.

4. Now start framing the structure of the blind using 2x4s. Start by placing a 2×4 from the top of the front post (Which is 42″ tall) to the left-rear post, ensure the outside edge of the 2×4 is even with the outside of the 4×4 and continue around the blind ensuring each 2×4 is level. Leave one side open as we need to place a door after or next step.

Now place 2 – 2x4s ( The 2 front roof supports) on the left and right side between the front and rear 4×4 on the inside of the framing 2×4. Pre-cut the tops to a 25degree angle the same as the rear. Joint both front roof supports with a 2×4 across the top. Adjust the 2 front roof supports back and forth until the angles line up with the rear 4x4s.

Now on the side you left open install a 2×4 between the front roof support and the rear 4×4.

5. Now were ready for the plywood, cover the front and side with plywood. For the rear, apply plywood all the way to the top of the 4×4. Last but not least apply plywood to the roof.

6. Paint the blind with dark flat paint (olive drab, brown, etc.) to match the surroundings.

7. Cover with Camouflage netting leaving an opening to shoot through.

How to Build a Duck Blind

How to Build a Duck Blind