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Sex should be fun. Nothing can be more fun that GREAT SEX! If you want to start tonight with moves that will make her gasp, shake, convulse, and shriek… for hours… then read this!

1st Tip.

How do you make her GASP? It has to be something really sudden and intense. You can set this up by getting to her head and make her slowly germinate her own ecstasy. You can do that by exploring her fantasies, step by step, detail by detail. Literally, many women can give themselves huge, body-shaking orgasms through their sexual imaginations and internal rubbing.

This will make her GASP.

2nd Tip.

Now, you get her to SHAKE by teasing her clitoris slowly. Your touch is almost an after thought. You wait until she looks at you with pleading eyes or actually begs you to touch it again. Make her arch her pelvis to your touch or lick. Continue with this until she has an orgasm and SHAKES!

3rd Tip.

Now, get to her g-spot and rub it slowly with your middle and index fingers. It should swell up and feel like the roof of your mouth. Keep a steady rhythm going as you french kiss her and/or tease her nipples. Of course, you can get her whole body to SHUDDER if you get both of her breasts going at the same time. This is an incredible event and reserved for serious fun!

When she climaxes with this one she should start CONVULSING!

Now, stroke her g-spot with your tongue or fingers as you stroke her clitoris with your thumb. By now, the pressure, intensity, and expectation has fairly driven her nuts.

Now make her SHRIEK as she has this combination climax. Give her many more combinations and you can get her to do this over and over again.

You can do this CYCLE again and again. Each time you give her the cycle she should go more intensely, longer, and probably with CHANTING, and SCREAMING your name out loud. You’ll never grow tired of pleasing her so intensely. She will grow to trust and adore you even more than before!

How to Get Her to Gasp, Shake, Convulse, and Shriek As You Help Her Last Longer in Bed!

How to Get Her to Gasp, Shake, Convulse, and Shriek As You Help Her Last Longer in Bed!