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The variety of wishing well plans available is a testament to the joy these simple yard pieces bring. Whimsical wells that might include a silhouette of Jack and Jill, rustic plans that employ metal roof pieces to oriental type wells complete with a fountain are just a few of the many wells.

Project Size

Before you purchase plans, it might be wise to think about your project; consider where the well will be placed, what type of materials you would like to use and the size of the completed project. Some well plans use brick and paver stones as the base. Others are large enough to hide electricity meters or very small. Large wells may include a fountain and a catch basin; however, these will need access to electricity. Taking the time to think through these things will help you choose the right plan for your needs.


Since these wells are exposed to the weather, many are constructed with treated lumber, the type of wood that is used for making decks. Waterproofing stains and finishes are available if you would prefer to do it yourself. Cedar and cypress are naturally strong, bug resistant and weather tolerant. You may also want to consider the final cost of the project. Making a well out of pine and painting it with an outdoor paint is an inexpensive option when making a well. The cost of making the same project out of cedar may double the final cost.


Once you have completed your project you may want to add a touch of personalization. Wooden and metal letters can be added welcoming guests to your home or garden. Flowerpots and planters can be placed inside or around the well for color. Using shake shingles to finish the roof section adds a touch of rustic appeal. Copper can also be used for the roof and it will give an authentic looking charm to your project. It is easy to add a crank handle and bucket during construction or afterwards.


Adding a fountain to a well can be simple or complex. Fountains can be totally enclosed inside the well, or built to spew out into a catch basin or pre-fabricated modular pond section. Adding a fountain will require extra parts including a pump, hosing or tubing so the water can be returned to the fountainhead, a catch basin or reservoir to catch the water, perhaps some fish and some type of algaecide to prevent the water from turning green.

Choosing well plans may not be easy since there are so many available. Completing a well will be easier. Wishing wells are simple first projects for anyone interested in woodworking.

How to Use DIY Wishing Well Plans

How to Use DIY Wishing Well Plans