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If you have never used a ice dam melting sock on your roof before, you will find that they provide an inexpensive method for removing roof ice dams and improving your home’s heating efficiency. Roof ice dams are an annoying source of roof damage, leaks, and heat loss in the winter. The main causes are drip melt from improperly capped warm air vent pipes and poor roof insulation. Laying a ice melt sock onto the roof so it crosses the ice dam and overhangs the gutter, will melt through the snow and ice and create a channel for water to flow down into the gutters or off the roof. If done properly those ice sickles that form as the snow melts from the edges of the gutters will never appear, they too are a cause of much damage and are dangerous to life and limb.

Refillable ice dam melting socks breaks ice dams in minutes by creating ice channels to drain water. Just place and forget it for the winter. The socks are available from most manufacturers full of non-staining ice melt or empty for you to fill.

Ice dam melting socks remove ice dams to prevent water damage to ceilings, windowsills, wood floors, and carpets.

Most ice dam melting socks are nylon; this nylon sock can be used again and again to remove ice dams from your roof. Most ice melt socks do not include ice melt or throw cord. Typical sock when filled weight 3 pounds, and is 18 inches long, ice melt sock lasts for months. This is based on melt of 20-40 Square yards of roof snow per sock used. Place one sock every 10-15 feet at right angles above channel eaves and gutters. Reuse sock until empty.

After use allow socks to dry naturally. Store in well-ventilated area.

Purchase only environmentally friendly 100% nylon socks.

An ice melt sock can last all winter and keep a 20 square foot area clear of ice dams depending on roof angle, sock placement, and rain/snowfall.

You can fill and refill the ice melt socks with off the shelf ice melt. Simply open the Velcro strap at top of socks, fill with off the shelf “ice melt” from any hardware store, and reclose the strap tightly, bottom knots for the pull cord, attach your own nylon throw cord and throw or place at troubled roof areas where ice dams are evident. Allow the throw cord to hang over the edge of the roof. Leave in place all winter or use approximately 20-foot pull cord to retrieve.

Most manufacturers can make socks to any length and can prefill them at a reasonable price plus shipping.

You can purchase the “ice melt” with the socks from most manufacturers and fill and refill as needed.

Ice Dam Melting Socks

Ice Dam Melting Socks