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Improve Motorhome and RV Security with SolarTrac2 the wireless solar security system. The main brain, the solar panel and 12 volt battery are all built into one small roof module. It installs in just minutes without any permanent modifications to the roof or interior. Once fully charged by the sun, the built-in battery will keep the system functional for two weeks.

This RV security system supports up to 16 wireless devices made specifically for this solar security system (wireless key chain remote, wireless wall keypad remote, wireless window sensor, wireless motion sensor). The kit includes 1 window or motion sensor and one key chain remote, additional sensors and controls are purchased separately.

The roof module contains a loud speaker which will sound when the alarm is triggered. On top of that, it can also send an alert to your email address and to your cellphone. With the solar security system you’ll also receive a 1 year membership for online monitoring. The system is completely functional without the membership but email and text alerts as well as GPS tracking will not be available.

With the membership you’ll be able to login to your DrivTrac account at any time and check for alerts you may have missed, the current vehicle location and more. If you’ve received an alert that the motorhome or RV is moving down the road you can contact the authorities and give them the exact location of the vehicle as well as the direction of travel.

The roof module is slim and sleek so that most will overlook it completely, but it has it’s own security built-in; just in case. The SolarTrac2 is designed to detect when it’s being removed from the roof, so if the alarm is in armed mode and the roof module detects that it’s being removed from the roof it will send alerts via text and email (with valid membership).

This solar security system and wireless sensors can communicate up to 200ft apart. The wireless window and motion sensors are powered by 9v batteries that should be changed once every 3 – 6 months. The battery in window sensors on windows that are seldom opened can be changed every 6 months and motion sensors in high traffic rooms should have their battery changed every 3 months.


Kit includes one roof module, one wireless window or motion sensor, the key chain remote and a one year membership. No permanent modifications made to interior or exterior. Sensors and wall keypad must be located within 200 feet of the roof module. With active membership the roof module will sound the alarm, send text and email alerts to you, allow real time vehicle tracking on the web. Without an active membership the roof module will only sound the alarm.

Increase RV and Motorhome Security

Increase RV and Motorhome Security