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It is not without a reason that Ladakh is called the “Roof of the world”. It is not without a reason that the territory invites avid naturalists and adventure-freaks in hordes. And it is not without a reason this place has been promoted as a jewel of Kashmir tourism. Sandwiched between the Kumarkoram mountain range in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh emerges as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India and it is not without a reason, of course! The topography of this place is so amazing that you’ll feel like flying in a world of dreams. Blessed with stunning natural facets and appealing cultural heritages, this place is not only captivating to the senses, but it also offers something for young learners.

Words can hardly do justice to the beauty of this place. The stupefying mountains painted over by snow, shimmering streams and waterfalls, rugged terrains with stunning landscapes and lush green forests with wild beauty – everything that Ladakh is made of is poetic and is something which can take one’s imaginations to the meteoric heights. One will also be left mesmerized by the rich history and cultures with many beautiful monasteries, gompas, palaces and monuments to explore.

Popular Attractions of Ladakh Tourism:

Ladakh has a slew of destinations to visit on; some of the popular ones are as follows:

Leh: The capital of Ladakh, at an altitude of 3524m, Leh is full of enthrallments, both for lovers of nature and history. The city is dominated by the ruins of Leh Palace and stumpas, monasteries, temples and magnetic hills casting on travelers a magical spell. The route to Leh is as enchanting as the city itself. Some must visit attractions here include the Shanti Stupa, Hemis Gompa, War Museum, Stok Palace and Chamba Temple.

Zanskar: Geographically, this sub-district of Kargil district consists of the territories nestled along the two main branches of Zanskar River. The Doda, going forth near the Pensi-La mountain pass, is the first branch which is gorgeously beautiful boasting lush green landscapes and stunning streams and waterfalls. The second main branch is known as Karyag River, the area near it is a dream comes true for trekkers. The flora and fauna found in this part of Ladakh is truly heart-touching.

Nubra Valley: This place will be accessed after riding over the world’s highest motorable road. That itself should be enough reason for you to head on to this valley. But if you’re not content with it, let yourself assured that this place is a heaven for nature lovers, filled, to its fullest capacity, with beautiful apple orchards, magnificent mountains, stunning waterfalls and ancient gompas and ruined. For adventure-seekers, this place is simply a paradise.

Apart from that, the beautiful Surru Valley, Spiti Valley and Drass Valley are other popular tourist destinations in the region.

Ladakh Tour to Explore the ‘Roof of the World’: Let the ‘Game’ Begin

Ladakh Tour to Explore the 'Roof of the World': Let the 'Game' Begin