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Most Landlord Insurance companies offer a standard cover as well as an optional one on top of that and charge a premium for that additional service. Normally Standard Cover offers the opportunity to insure against any damage to buildings arising from fixed glass, landlord’s fittings, arising from perils such as fire, flood and theft. Further to this, these may include optional covers including quite critical less often problems such as rent receivable, employers’ liability, personal accident, equipment breakdown and day-to-day wine spillages.

The advent of e-commerce has boosted strength to a large number of landlord insurance companies that offer a potentially strict comparison of differing rates online allowing the user to reach a highly stable and informed decision in choosing the right cover. A wide range of different companies offering highly distinct yet very competitive quotes spring up as we type “quotes for landlord insurance” on Google. It offers the best available insurance rates from leading UK insurers and also follows its propaganda with an aggressive marketing slogan challenging the consumer to find a better deal elsewhere. These companies also construct policies covering all perils including public & property owner’s liability, accidental damage and loss of rental income as standard. Equally attractive is the claim another player puts up on its website, guaranteeing to beat any quote and covering up for any sort of unexpected events even providing cover in cases tenants end up endangering their lives by injuring themselves. Many landlord insurance companies offer the benefit of an extremely collegiate, cordial and welcoming environment making customer service their top priority.

Others also put up a unique proposition by offering free accidental damage on buildings, as an exclusive deal for “Moneysupermarket” customers. They deal with more of a consortium of different types of landlords tailoring their services and catering a more variegated population. They claim to arrange cover for Professional Lets, students, flats, asylum seekers, bedsits, DSS, holiday homes and flat roofs. Apart from offering free advice, they claim to be the best at tailoring their policies to the differing nature of tenants or property.

However, there are other potentially big players in the world of e-business that have over the years shown great promise for future growth. A different type of this side of the spectrum offer the opportunity to compare landlord quotes, allowing the customer to not just find the cheapest quote and exploit the maximum utility but also allow for potential savings by offering customer the opportunity to choose up to six landlord insurance quotes from leading insurers.

Landlord Insurance: Various Products

Landlord Insurance: Various Products