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Installing leaf gutters in your home offers a wide range of benefits. A leaf screen involves having a strong micromesh material attached the lower roof and extending to cover the gutter. This stops leaves and debris from entering the gutter, meaning that you don’t need to get up on your ladder all the time to scoop out all the mess. Rainwater passes freely into the gutters and is easily collected for use on your garden. The risk of flooding or damage to your home is eliminated.

There are also other benefits to installing gutter guards to your home. They prevent pests such as rodents, birds and possums getting into your roof and making themselves at home. The risk during times of bushfire is reduced, without leaf litter there is less fuel for fires and also protection from embers.

Once you have decided to install gutter guards to your home, the next step is to find a good quality product. Some products are quite bulky and look unattractive, a product which used a modern and made with purpose designed material such as micromesh will give a better and more slim line look. Quality is the most important element in the choice of leaf guard you make. Both the materials used and the thoroughness of installation will effect the performance and longevity of your leaf guards.

When looking for an installer, it’s important to do your homework. Take your time and shop around. Look for a company that specialises in roof and gutter guards, not just a general maintenance company that offers the service. Experience is essential, look for someone that has a good knowledge of the product and has been doing the job for some time. Asking friends for recommendations is a good idea also.

Please be aware of industry cowboys, they may offer a cheap quote but will not deliver the results they promise. Instead of using high quality and durable materials they will install a system that is little more than fly wire crudely attached to the roof. Not only will this not provide your home the protection it needs, but there is also chance that they could damage your hoe during the installation.

Look for a company with a good reputation that has been long established in the industry. Choosing the right company to install your leaf guards will make sure you have the right materials used and a safe and proper installation. Making sure the job is done properly from the start will ensure that your gutter guards do a good job for a long time to come.

Leaf Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation – What You Need to Know

Leaf Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation - What You Need to Know