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You don’t need to feel embarrassed about having a small penis. There are ways to get a bigger penis if you aren’t afraid to try a few options. There’s everything from penis enlargement pills to penis enlargers that work to lengthen the penis with a device. You can even put your penis through various exercises or workout programs. The goal is to widen and lengthen your penis so it will perform when you want and get the reaction you desire out of yourself and your partner.

One way to get a bigger penis is to use penis enlargement pills. They’re generally safe and address the question many men deal with, “how do increase my penis size?” The issue is knowing which pill is safe and wise to take. Most pills have been designed to increase width and length of your penis. It happens when blood flow is increased to the penis area, which allows the penis to stretch. This means you’ll get maximum girth, and your sexual health will be off the roof. One such enlargement pill is ExtenZe, which does all of the above. The formula is made out of herbs and medical grade pro-hormones. Some of these ingredients are Ginseng-eleuthero, L-Arginine, Sarsaparilla Vohimbe, and Tribulus terrestris. This pill will benefit a male over 18 years, and besides increasing size, it will create a more powerful erection and increase the amount of orgasms. This also means you will be able to perform longer, because you’ll have the stamina to continue – just like the days of being a teenager!

Another natural way to get a bigger penis is through traction-based devices where enlargement happens when tissues multiply through cellular growth. The force causes change, which can happen during plastic surgery or through a device. Some methods can be more expensive, but can produce results if you can afford it. For those who don’t have money for the above, one method is to try jelquing. This is a penis exercise program that you can do by itself or would work in partnership with any of the above methods. This can be done by hand or with a penis stretcher. A device would be put over the flaccid penis and covered up by pants during the day. By applying light pressure continuously during a day, slowly the penis will become lengthened. This way cell growth happens because the tissues have been exercised regularly.

Whatever method you try, the goal is to create stamina, increased power in your erections, and most of all, to get a bigger penis. Remember it probably won’t happen overnight, but patience will create results. Make sure you research which pills to take, as some may create harsh side effects like rashes, headaches, and aggressive behavior levels. It will cause the heart rate to increase, so taking a pill may not be wise if you have any heart issues. There are ways to increase your size, which means your sexual relationship is going to be exciting and passionate.

Learn the Ways to Get a Bigger Penis

Learn the Ways to Get a Bigger Penis