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Loft insulation grants are the answers if you are thinking green and filling your attic space with pink stuff. There are those cotton candy pink coloured insulation materials that have potential to convert your heat conductive roof into a heat loss resistant roof space. This pink stuff indicates to fibreglass insulation materials to help you control spending on energy bills by improving the capability to retain the heat inside your home. Thus, you need to depend less on the boiler for heating up your home with this insulation added to the loft area that sends around 25 percent of the heat outside.

Considering the long life of the loft insulation and the benefits of low carbon dioxide emission into the environment, government bodies and local insulation companies are endorsing installation costs with grants. Loft insulation grants tend to vary depending upon the materials being used in the insulation since prices of different insulation tend to differ.

Like grants supporting insulation costs, cavity wall insulation are offered for endorsing the costs of insulating cavity walls, while some other grant schemes are extended for draught proofing and floor insulation. Any property owner can anticipate a contribution of at least 50% of the estimated cost of roof insulation on producing valid evidence of ownership of the property, and up to 75% if he/she is not qualified for 100% loft insulation grants.

Roof insulation grants are granted to people who are able to meet several conditions recommended by governments. For example, the planned layer of insulation must comply with the standard recommended thickness of 270mm. The amount of the contribution does not depend on the fact whether you are installing a new insulation or topping over 100mm of loft insulation. If professional installers are hired for installing insulation, their service charges will be included within the costs. If you are roping in the government’s loft insulation grants, make sure the insulation value of materials must be R-50 to qualify for the discounts.

Loft Insulation Grants to Cram the Pink Stuff in the Attic

Loft Insulation Grants to Cram the Pink Stuff in the Attic